Youtube Alternatives

I am thinking of starting a channel and creating an audience but I can’t find a single good alternative to YouTube, apart from maybe PeerTube and the closed-source BitChute. My content is going to be non-political, so I am okay with far-left or far-right alternatives.

I remember seeing one that promised to copy all of your videos to their platform and award you with some tokens based on how many subscribers you have, but I can’t find it anymore. Anyone knows its name?

The topic is alternatives to YouTube (not just video uploading, the whole social thing of youtube)

I am not very familiar with video hosting services, but I would guess PeerTube to be the best option, alternatively possibly something IPFS based.

The only thing coming to my mind is Minds, but I don’t think it’s what you are looking for.

I just found it, it is called LBRY. I’ve found is built on IPFS

There is also Bittubers, which is similiar to Minds and can be browsed without an account. But is still in beta.

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well, do like the hated one he talking about privacy & he on yt at same time so you can do like him with extra steps like upload video on peertube too! (there is websites give you unlimited quota or even big number so yeah)