You (probably) don’t need ReCAPTCHA


Good read. ReCAPTCHA is really the worst thing, I personally wouldn’t really have a problem with Google at all if I at least had the choice to not use their services to use the web normally, but sadly, even with all attempts to completely remove Google out of my life, it still crawls up on you like some sneaky cockroach in the form of ReCAPTCHA. Also, it’s extremely annoying that they make it way harder to complete a captcha while being on a non-Google product like Firefox. It just gives them so much control over the whole internet, being able to decide who has convenience and who doesn’t. Also, not being able to opt out of all the tracking and having to enable javascript is a real pain.

Very interesting article. And frightening. I learned a lot. Not that I liked Re-CAPTCHA before.