Yale Privacy Lab "Can't Recommend" Librem One services

This last one in particular is surprising if true. Presumably hundreds of people are using their services, their load is probably abysmal regardless of which Droplet size they went with. And they’re trusing a US company with this data.

Thanks to @danarel for mentioning this thread on Mastodon.


Wow, this is disappointing to read :sweat:

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Ew, Librem One.


Reminds me of this - https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/3anjgm/on_the_librem_laptop_purism_doesnt_believe_in/

Haha, pretty sneaky of them to say they have everything open and freed, and then not even having proper coreboot. What a joke.

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So there are “dangerous PGP/GPG defaults”. Remind me why world-class cryptographers say that PGP will never take off, and they have given up on it ?

Cryptographers like the PGP creator Phil Zimmermann have said this, but because there are not enough people using it. It’s simply been too hard for most people to implement. Services like Startmail that make PGP encryption easy could change this. In fact, Phil has worked on Startmail and is helping prepare for the next gen PGP – PGP that could withstand quantum computing at some point.

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