Xeddit, Reddit web front-end alternative

Today I found this open-source web front-end alternative to Reddit called Xeddit. I can’t make it work on FF but it works fine on Tor, I don’t know what could it be, but still it looks great. Here is a post from the author on /r/privacy.

Hey @Booteille, look into it if you are interested!

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Thanks for the mention.
The project does not look mature enough, unfortunately (but it’s just my opinion). So I don’t plan to add it to Invidition in this state.
Also, the development does not seem to be active. Last commit is from last year.

I added an issue on Gitlab to ask about the current development status.
If the dev’ is willing to continue to develop Xeddit and if we manage to have something mature enough for large audiences, I would add a redirection on Invidition.

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Yup, its looks broken in FF and it just kinda have bad look so i can’t use it (fonts are small and it kinda tricky in design)

Yes, I managed to make it work but it doesn’t let you browse through comments and in order to go to a forum you have to write it on the search bar.

I wish I know how to develop so I could finish it or something.