Would You Like Privacytools.io To Host An OpenNIC DNS Server?

@blacklight447 Just to clarify, PTIO is US based? Or do you host and operate somewhere else?
If you don’t feel comfortable than that is fine, I just thought it would be good to ask.

  • Don’t let me get you into legal issues.

On the other hand, you definitely don’t want to host most things if you are US based.
Pastebin and whatnot is probably ok, but email or VPN is a bit risky.

If you created a DNS server, I think you could get enough communities furious if they tried to tamper. Especially since most DNS servers are in the US, this would be a foreign threat to most.

Plus, if you use I2P or TOR then they cannot figure who is making the request so they must attack the whole network to actually tamper.

I think we have team members there, but I don’t even know where everyone is located.

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My earlier consern isn’t exactly accurate as in cases like Unbound or dnscrypt-proxy it could be just one of many providers to send requests to, but I fear that in most of cases people would be using only PTIO server on e.g. Android.

I also think that it shouldn’t be blocking anything as blocklist would become a pain to maintain.