Would you like Privacytools.io to host a IPFS gateway or proxy?

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I was going to jokingly suggest that a IPFS gateway is on my wishlist, but then I thought that I am aware of only one InterPlanetary File System HTTP Proxy which lives on ipns.co and getipfs.com.

I am using it as an alternative to Cloudflare IPFS gateway, but I am unsure on it sometimes linking people to gateways that are using Cloudflare, so maybe it would be a good idea if there were multiple instances of that service and if PTIO service had criteria on which gateways to use and attempted to avoid Cloudflare.

I think @jonah had some comment on IPFS (“not yet”?), but I cannot get the specific words as they are at Matrix and if I opened Riot, my sleeping might get even later, but I don’t think anyone talked about IPFS gateway proxies yet.


If people want it I can investigate further, but I think RAM and/or storage requirements would likely be too high to be feasible at this moment.


Does IPFS require you to contribute hard drive space (like Freenet, for instance)?

Does the proxy also require a IPFS node? I am in impression that it doesn’t and it just proxies requests to multiple other nodes.

No and currently it’s more heavy on RAM and chattiness/bandwidth side. You won’t store anything you don’t request and unless you pin your content, it will be removed from you when gargabe collection runs (disabled by default, but when enabled hourly or if your repository grows over 10 G in size).

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