Would the Intel ME be disabled. If?

Would the Intel ME be disabled. If? (I mean the part of Intel ME that allow the Intel Mothership to remotely, surreptitiously change the code on the basic Intel Processor.

Would it be disabled if I changed the WiFi adapter to one the original Intel processor did not use.

Wait, that might not make sense without context.

I have an Lenovo X230 which the latest firmware had been set to not boot if the original WiFI wireless adapter was not present, (it is an Intel something), Some say this is because the Intel ME needs to be able to contact the Intel Mother Ship without my doing anything, or knowing anything.

I have gone through the process of running 1vyrain such that I can install another WiFi Adapter, WiFi controller: Atheros AR5BHB116 a/b/g/n 300Mbps MINI PCI-E, which is listed on one of the “Certified Hardware” (https://insurgo.ca/) on the Qubes OS website (https://www.qubes-os.org/.)

To which I pose several questions:

  1. Is it true that as long as I only use the WiFi adapter, the Intel ME can not be changed remotely by Intel?

Keeping in mind the Ethernet side is not protected,

  1. Is there a Linux tool to verify that the basic processor is running the original Firmware code for it? (I am guessing Intel has had no legitimate reason to change that Firmware for the Intel main Processor Chip (specifically, Intel Core i5 5300U 2.3Ghz?) ???

If changing the WiFi Adapter to something that has not been pre - programmed for the Intel ME to use: Will that mean, the Intel ME has been Neutered+Deactivated??

This should mean for any laptop that the WiFi chip can not be used to download and install another version of the main processor code, and has the original Intel Main Processor Firmware Installed (I would not trust the Firmware number that is given by the interrogating chip, but some other means)

How much can we trust the opinion of someone who posts here. I will accept hunches and guesses, but I hope for someone who can say, it is really certain that?