Would anyone be interested in Hebrew translation?

Hi everyone.

First, I’m looking forward to translating privacytools.io to Hebrew. I’m a native speaker and there’s a serious lack of resources and information about privacy in Hebrew.

  1. Where can I start translating?
  2. Will the domain could be accessed on privacytools . he/il?

Second, I want to host my own secure and private site.
The site will hopefully make privacy more accessible to people who speak Hebrew.

  1. What do I need in terms of internet speed, knowledge, computer specs, etc? I have no knowledge in building a site from the ground up, but I’m eager to learn.
  2. Do you have some recommended resources which I can start with?

Thanks in advance :grin:

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Don't view because "mods" find it's bad comment, but i don't

Oh my god, please don’t tell me you are Israeli -_-

Please don’t tell me that really matters, we’re all here to talk about privacy :roll_eyes:


Is this at all relevant to the conversation? Let’s stay focused on the topic in hand please :+1:


Yeah I’m Arabic Muslim “Egyptian” and you kinda know the reset (about Palestine) so i know it don’t matter to you but it really does to me (just put yourself in my place and you would get it)

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This forum is only for privacy. Regardless of your differences, that shouldn’t mater here.


I knew you would say that, that’s why i said put yourself in my place (but clearly you did not) and sure it’s not the place to fight, all i’m asking is just i wish me and him not meet again (like he comment on my post or something) like no reactions at all between us to avoid the fight if you want, got what i mean?

Such a shame everything has to become political, even in a privacy forum.

Freddy the kind moderator above me won’t comment anything regarding my post or try to help but instead will go to the Arabic translation post (which btw was posted right after mine) to kindly assist them.

He will invite them to the matrix group and guide them through, but Israeli people? Hell no, we have no place in here.

It’s 2020 and you keep boycotting everything that moves, what a shame.

I’m so sorry you feel this way. As a team member at PrivacyTools I couldn’t care less about where you come from or who you are. I have nothing against Israeli people, or any other people for that matter. I’m not trying to boycott anyone or anything, though I understand why you could feel this way.

I will reiterate what I said about the Arabic translation:

“We are all in favour of as many translations as possible really! May I suggest that you join our Matrix if you haven’t already so we can discuss all this in a more conversation-like manner.”

If you have any issues, feel free to reach out to me either here, on on Matrix.

Hope this helps,



When will people learn that this attitude (everyone is against us and that’s not fair) won’t make any one really help you, but rather know how pathetic they are.
I was one of the guys who wanted to translate the website to arabic and yeah, I didn’t need freddy to to tell me I need to join the matrix room, I was already in there. The real question is, did freddy said anything in the group to help us in translating? no he didn’t, we need to do that and organize ourselves.
on the other hand, Freddy did defend you when Esmail said something against you, did you appreciate that? no you didn’t, you rather said he was antisemitic.
If you have a problem with someone, it’s with yourself not with PTIO or Freddy so please don’t ruin this site’s reputation, I myself knew nothing about Privacy until I visited it.


You’re right, and thanks for that. I needed someone to tell me that to really realize.
And to Freddy - I’m sorry I jumped into conclusions and was quick on the keyboard. I personally believe the ability to change needs to be placed in the first place.

I can confirm that, im in the matrix server and im still lost :sweat_smile: