Wireless speakers/headphones

To date I only use wired speakers and headphones, but I can see the day is coming when I might start thinking about wireless.

I use my own personal WiFi all the time to connect to my mobile device and laptop for convenience. Therefore, I’m also prepared to connect to a speaker/headphones via WiFi. For example, I like the Sonos One SL but I am not prepared to install their app to play music on the device.

Am I correct in thinking that WiFi is more private and more secure than Bluetooth speakers? But I like that on Bluetooth speakers, I don’t require any app to play. Are there any WiFi speakers which don’t require an app but have the benefits of increased privacy and security?

Have there been any major vulnerabilities (for bluetooth) reported? Afaik, most headphones and sound systems encrypt over Bluetooth. Along with that, the only major difference (very broad) between Bluetooth and WiFi is the pairing process and the wavelength- so I wouldn’t really expect to see a big difference in security unless both device are susceptible to Blueborne, etc. Also, I wouldn’t expect any devices to be able to receive audio from a device directly, since there isn’t exactly a standard protocol on place for it.

I think I heard somewhere that the authenticating chip on Bluetooth and Wifi are shared but the main security flaw lies within Bluetooth itself… So if your threat model is critical, you should probably stick to wired for the forseable future.

https://www.armis.com/blueborne/ (Already mentioned by @pravin)

I mostly prefer wired aswell.