WireGuard! 🦄

Anyone else tried it yet?

I gave it a shot today, it’s nice actually. The low overhead reminds me of shadowsocks (although not a vpn).

Not many providers yet though. Hopefully soon.

Providers I found so far:

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I bet a lot of providers are waiting for a security audit. From WireGuard’s own site:

WireGuard is not yet complete. You should not rely on this code. It has not undergone proper degrees of security auditing and the protocol is still subject to change. We’re working toward a stable 1.0 release, but that time has not yet come

Plus, there’s the fact that a lot of providers have said WireGuard is bad for privacy and anonymity, so it goes directly against companies that have strict privacy policies.


Mullvad uses Wireguard, and Mullvad is regarded highly of.

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The current focus of WireGuard is functionality, not security. As stated by @randomlygenerated, WireGuard “… has not undergone proper degrees of security auditing and the protocol is still subject to change.”

There is a 2018 partial audit available (https://courses.csail.mit.edu/6.857/2018/project/He-Xu-Xu-WireGuard.pdf), “focusing on the unverified portions of WireGuard, particularly the reconnection and session-management systems.” They “found some implementation errors related to these systems, and provided some recommendations for WireGuard to simplify the system.”

In summary, stay with already proven protocols, and drop all legacy cryptography.

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wireguard… one word: hawt.

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…and now you can add one more to the list:



I use Wireguard on iOS for my Mullvad account.

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im using wireguard on my android phone, mainly because openvpn drains a lot more battery than wireguard

I had this issue with the NordVPN app, switched to OpenVPN and it improved drastically.

Thanks. I’ve updated our list: https://www.privacytools.io/providers/vpn/


I have researched VPNs for around 2 years. I am pulled towards Perfect Privacy for the 4 hop configuration and reliable speeds for where I live. However I know most people (with any real knowledge) always say VPNs do NOT provide ANY anonymity. People regularly suggest that PP’s 4 hop VPN DOES provide anonymity. I would be interested in comments on this from the experts in here (that means anyone but me :D)

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WireGuard uses much less battery than OpenVPN (at least on iOS)

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