Wire Swiss GmbH is now owned by a USA holding company?

Startpage refused to answer questions until outside pressure was applied @danarel, and still hasn’t answered all questions fully and transparently. There’s more behind the scenes than you know.

Yes, Wire is going more commercial, but that could actually be a good thing. They aren’t planning to make their money off the backs of individual users. Funding will come from corporate accounts and other paid accounts, similar to the Protonmail model.

Startpage (perhaps owned 99% by pay-per-click company System1) needs to make money off masses of consumers. We should be JUST AS concerned if not MORE CONCERNED about how that will evolve.

EDIT: And with the diagram Startpage has admitted that “fuzzed” data is shared with System1.

See the fine print.System1%20interacts%20with%20SP%20data

I agree that wire should be re-listed.