Windows 7 gone and NSA found severe Windows exploit

So windows 7 dead (RIP) and if you want to upgrade let me scare you that NSA found severe Windows exploit but Microsoft patched it

If I understood correctly, the patch was just in time for the last day of Windows 7 support and thus people should get it from Windows Update also on 7.

However the following patches the next time a vulnerability is found are unlikely to be released for Windows 7 so I would also say upgrade to 10 ASAP or switch to a different operating system.

Yeah they patched it i just mean NSA found one now it can find one later :V…

Is this something recently or back in the day of Snowden’s revelations or before the NSA already make statements like this telling citizens to be careful with certain software? I think I saw the Homeland Security also making similar statements. If it is a recent thing it looks like they are trying to wash their hands of their dirty work.

nah i feel its just a game from MS, they found a bug in last day of windows 7 so MS wont patch it so users who care about their security will upgrade to windows 10 and MS will collect more info about 'em