Will there be a return to the World Wide Web?

This is just a ‘commentary’ so to speak - and will hopefully generate some discussion that might lead to - well, anything better than Google and their minions.

I travel a great deal. I’ve noticed in the last year that whenever I do a search, the results are narrowed down into the country I am in. For example, there is a Chinese agency that certifies certain products as minemonics and Halal. I was to find a particular certification logo.
However, all logo results in Bing/Googlized images were ‘harmonics’ and went from that to auto dealers, cars, boats. I went to, and found it by using Baidu. I don’t read or speak Chinese!

I don’t travel with a cache or history. I understand how search engines work, and how Bing and Google work (they are NOT search engines).

I am also very adept with Boolean logic vs. search algorithms. What I see more of, is Google and Bing making the World Wide Web (www) into the Local Wide Web (LWW). In short, we get results based on what local advertisers have to show - not what we want, it’s what they want.

We use to “Surf the Information Highway” now we browse the local Google/Bing/Yahoo… et al catalog!

We do have other offerings, Startpage (SP) and Duck Duck Go (DDG) but SP uses Google and DDC has limited parameters as well, it’s censor board is paranoid.

Using a VPN can limit searches to the localized landing hub (i.e. if your’e in London and VPN landing is Paris - results are local to France).
IMO - the WWW died with the birth of Google and Bings control of shoving what is à propo to locale advertisers.

A Privacy Tools IO (PTI) search engine that uses the similar boolean logic from the 1990’s that encompasses the WWW, not the users location, history, and profile (there would be no profile) with results that are not scaled to how much the web site paid into the Google popularity contest, but display results based on the relevance user input and of the indexed data. KISS with Boolean operands.

AltaVista, and Lycos had the right idea, until RanDex and BackRub road into town, bought drinks for everyone and we all woke up with this damned hangover called Google.

The web is getting smaller every day - too small and while not long ago, the Internet was where people actually controlled the internet.

It reminds me of the store of how some kids in a low-income inner city someplace played softball on an empty city lot. Parents would go and watch, sitting on a blanket, or taking a lawn chair. Mums would take juices and make hot dogs for the kids and all had a great time.
Seeing this, a business man showed up dug up the field, put in astro-turf, build bleachers, complete with a dugout, night lights, concession and scoreboard. All fenced in of course.
Now, the kids and parents had to pay to go and to play and watch.

Had to get it off my chest…

Nope. The internet as we know it is dead, and the worst part is, people will blame Google or the NSA, while in reality, we caused this.

  • We voted corrupt people for office
  • We voted for evil corpos just by using their products (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.)
  • We used social media
  • We used Google services

We all contributed to the death of the internet. The World Wide Web is gone, and it’s never coming back, unless the US as a whole did something about it, but it’ll never happen as long as Google is making $$$ and people don’t care.

I heard recently that people in Sweden are having microchips implanted into them, which is good for security (it’ll elimitate identity theft and illegal markets), but it can also be a privacy nightmare since if you get a mark of the beast microchip, the goverment will be able to track everything about you. They already do now, but at least we can do something about it. With Microchips or universal digital IDs or something, our only choice would be to give up and close down this website.

The same could be said with universal digital IDs. I heard somewhere recently that governments might be considering requiring everyone to have ID verification just to sign up for social media. Sure it’ll keep little kids from lying about their age to join Facebook or criminals from doing things, but if this happens, then I would just stop using social media, since I’d probably be the last person on this forum to give out my real name to some random site.

The 90s/early 2000s conception of the internet is most probably dead. To misquote the declaration of independence of cyberspace, the government/corporations very much do have “sovereignty where we gather.” Not only do they have sovereignty in “cyberspace,” but they’ve created the infrastructure that could lead to a world that will make 1984 seem like a vacation in the Caribbean (just look at how China has leveraged ICT to prop up authoritarianism).

And maybe that’s for the better. Perhaps overly idealistic attitudes towards technology or even politics (e.g. Fukuyama’s End of History) are not really suited to the realities of the 21s century.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean we have to become luddites. Technology will evolve and develop no matter what.

But we do need both political transformation and a change in attitude big companies. Perhaps even radical change in these areas. IMO without these things we won’t really be able to change how we interact with technology.

I am starting to really consider the Deep Web. But Darth Don and his Storm Trumpers will seize control of that and control and commercialize it too.

Corporations took over Easter, Christmas, Internet - makes me wonder who is in charge of our minds.

People have been conditioned to believe that they must spend 2 months wages and buy everyone else a gift and businesses used religion to rake in the bucks.

With more and more of the Islam faith arriving in predominantly christian countries, businesses changed “Christmas” into “The Holidays” selling Holiday Trees, Holiday Gifts, Holiday decorations… et al. Why? To encourage Muslims, Taoists, Hindu… etcerta to also CHARGE IT!

What business does now, is control the Internet in such a manner as to sell - sell, and sell more. Government uses it to monitor and control, business use it to stalk and sell. And they both use our money to do it.

The trillions of dollars spent of useless devices just so one can communicate with ads is as close to insanity as we can get without being herded off. That is next - herded off to the checkout.


Just s’ayin s’all,

A bit off-topic, but I thought I would like to share my 2 kopeks:

The commercialization of religious holidays (and everything else) can be linked to the same dynamics that allowed FB/Google/Apple/Amazon to create a 1984-like world. IMO cultural differences aren’t the key culprit here.

It’s more about allowing random thugs to do whatever they feel like as long as they have enough $$$ for bribes/agit-prop. When there are (real) consequences for such thugs; then we might have a directional trend towards improving people’s well being. Or maybe not, who knows?

Bang on! I may have not mentioned it, but replication is not new. Before Microsoft introduced it’s business tools and Bubba Gates version of the digital business calendar, the work day began on Monday, NOT Sunday. Sure, it was a christian carry over, but so is Christmas and almost every WASP and kinship celebrate their buying power - while some celebrate a birth date.

It made it much easier to have people assimilated into the working collective if corporations stole Sunday from the day to relax and make it the first work day of the week. With no classic day-of-rest remaining, we’re back to longer hours, and more days working now than in the 1920’s. It’s what is meant by “corporate success”.

Just agreeing and adding to yours :slight_smile: