Why not just post and discuss at r/privacytoolsio and r/privacy

Hi everyone. I’m wondering and could use some input.

What is the benefit of this extra forum? It seems much of what is discussed here is very similar to what is discussed at r/privacytoolsio and r/privacy. What’s more, by moving discussions here, it seems we would be depriving some folks of some important discussions – people who wouldn’t think to sign up for this forum or find signing in to yet another forum a pain.

Maybe I’m missing something?

Perhaps the owner of this forum could weight in on the reasoning.

I’m a big fan of privacytoolsio, btw. This isn’t meant as criticism.

Idea is to get off from reddit and use foss alternatives


This subreddit will close down soon. We’re switching to Discourse on forum.privacytools.io

~ @burunghantu

Please see also Announcement: We have reached a hundred members! and below on more problems with Reddit.


Thanks, Mikaela. I missed that announcement!

Is there a date for the termination? Will the old material still be there or will r/privacytoolsio disappear into thin air?

There’s no set plans to ever close the Subreddit at this moment. However Reddit is a very privacy-disrespecting platform (issues have been gone over in other threads) so we do want to at least get some community off of Reddit and onto nicer forums like this one.


There is disapproval from the vote count of that annoucement. Not everyone seems to support the forums. There are other posts on reddit privacytoolsio with more upvotes than the stickied forum annoucements

@Mikaela can you sticky that announcement for some longer? We need more members here. I had not seen it.

I don’t think I have that power at either service.


I dunno, I like how it’s growing here. The people on this forum seem to be more knowledgable than the people on the subreddit on average :stuck_out_tongue:

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