Why no linking?

Why aren’t links allowed at this forum? The software clearly provides for this, and it’s important to be able to support assertions and share links to relevant info.

mentioned in other thread, although not sure i’m still thinking this may have something to do with it:

otherwise adding a link or two has always worked for me, although day 1 or first couple posts I might not have attempted posting any links.

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Thanks! I just signed up today. I’ll check in a few days. (I wouldn’t want to “accidentally hurt myself.” :wink:

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Quite… that horribly hypocritical leftist-fascist, passive-aggressive meme, which is all over the place nowadays…

People wouldn’t be caught dead forbidding something anymore, so they really need to pretend it’s for “health & safety”, and they are doing it for your own good. As if we were toddlers, or something.

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you are probably closer than ‘a few days’ away, lol. and I am just guessing the cause as related regardless.

anyways, if it’s not work by now (from your reads, likes, replies and posts) then it may be tied to a day 1 restriction in place.

otherwise, welcome to the forums! :smiley:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I believe this is correct yeah. Spam-prevention. It’s super easy to move up to Trust Level 1, just 10 minutes of reading IIRC, so shouldn’t be a problem. Looks like @LizMcIntyre is already there :slight_smile:


Welcome to our forum liz!

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Thanks! I see you work with Qubes. Cool!