Why is Wire not on Privacytools?


I’ve been using Wire for some time now and how come it’s not listed on Privacytools.io?! :smile:


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Bunch of things seems to be wrong or not correct anymore in this article starting with the holdings. I was actually reading it and after doing some basic google lookup their company is no longer tied to a us entity since last month: https://www.moneyhouse.ch/en/company/wire-swiss-gmbh-11252301971/messages

Publication number: HR02-1004959739, Commercial Registry Office Zug, (170)
Wire Swiss GmbH, in Zug, CHE-432.881.146, company with limited liability (SHAB No. 10 of January 16, 2020, publ. 1004806525).

Retired persons and expired signatures:
Wire Group Holdings Inc. (7230532), in Dover (US), partner, with 200 ordinary shares at CHF 100.00 each.

Peoples registration new or modified:
Wire Group Holdings GmbH (HRB 256140), in Munich (DE), partner, with 200 ordinary shares at CHF 100.00 each.

Also I don’t see the harm of doing business with US gov as long as the company is not 100% living from that (and it’s not ICE of course, lol)

You could create an issue since most decisions about adding/removing products/services happen on GitHub, not on this forum.

because of they moved to usa and bought by ad company (but for me, i see nothing changed and im still using it tho)