Why is the Matrix server so toxic?

I’m appalled at the lack of oversight within the Matrix server. It seems that one particular individual (joepie91) has the authority and free reign to kick and ban any individual who he/she disagrees with. It is an incredibly toxic community and I’m kind of surprised the staff here let it be that way.

Is this the message of this website, that free speech is a concept promoted by the “alt right”?

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I completely agree, nowadays free speech means allowing nazis to say shit, and that doesn’t keep in mind the fact that allowing rightist to have an opinion basically means allowing them to censorship minorities. So, yeah, I agree and I’m pretty sure the admins agree with me on that based on other discussions I’ve seen.

Also, if you want to address someone who their name you don’t know you should use “they/them” or at least some other non-binary pronoun, not “he/she”.

You completely ignored the first part of my post. That moderator is extremely intolerant and does not foster a community of diversity. It’s either accept his ideology, or you’re a bigot and banned.

I’m not the only person who feels this way, there are other people in the Community Reports channel saying that he tends to overreact and ban people arbitrarily.

Earlier the same mod was pushing his stance on white privilege and transphobia. Those are incredibly sensitive and nuanced topics that perhaps such a zealous and emotional person should not be moderating.


I mean i kinda agree, free speech is free speech. you say whatever you want

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is it in privacytools matrix server? or in general? if in general you can just replace servers and if its privacytools i think you need to talk with admins in here

Well, I think that if you’re being a nazi, a transphobic or something similar you should be banned, so I agree if they’re doing that. Were they pushing his stance on white privilege and transphobia being those things or against those things?

i really cannot fathom the hypocrisy.
the idea of being in a community that is build around the idea of privacy.
and not being regulated and at the same regulate the hell of what anybody can or cannot say.
that is down right revolting. if skarz say is true then this Mod need to get the boot and kicked out of his position.

not to mention that calling anyone a nazi and then promote racists ideas like "white previllege is bullshit by itself.

Another user banned by power tripping Privacy Tools moderator.

okay so it’s ptio matrix one, i believe @jonah who’s running it

Also apparently they ban on sight if you even discuss Parler. Some guy in there just said “My family will never use Parler” and he was banned immediately for “using Parler”. Lol.

I have to agree that they’re banning some people that don’t deserve it but all of you who really think right wing people deserve a chance of having a say are against free speech.

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There was a lot of nonsense spoken in there, but this segment was defintely the pinnacle.

This ban (that I was arguing about) was entirely unjustified. I’m less concerned about the fact that an unjustified ban happened than with the fact that the moderator will not own up to it and will not discuss it fairly.

The user in question had stated that they didn’t sign up for parler because their family is not on it, so they’re stuck with facebook. the good-faith assumption is that this person isn’t interested in alt-right topics (or else they’d have joined parler) and only wants to be on “alternative” platforms where they can talk to their family.
banning for that and using “I would have registered on parler if it weren’t for…” as a justification is absolute nonsense. By this logic, if a very left-leaning user saying “I would have registered on parler if it weren’t for all the alt-right garbage, the UI seemed like it had potential” should also be banned.


PrivacyTools.io opperates a Matrix homeserver, though these images refer to the lounge that we run. Jonah’s company runs the server, however Jonah no longer has anything to do with the project other than that.

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This is correct. That’s my screenshot and I can confirm that.

If those bans and their circumstances are not somehow complete lies, joepie91 should be seriously f!@#ed off. I can understand the need for basic rules preventing expressions of obvious bigoted hate, but community that is claiming to fight for the right to privacy can’t profess the same depraved notion of freedom of speech as Chinese communist party or the actual Nazis.

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The screenshots are, as you would expect, highly selective and not at all representative of what happened - which was, bluntly put, a literally day-long raid of abusive and bad-faith users, with moderation scaling up accordingly.

I believe the history of the Community Reports room is public, so those who are genuinely interested should be able to join and read back what actually happened. There’s not really anything more to say here.

Edit: If the Community Reports room is invite-only, and you are already in another PTIO room, just ask for an invite there.

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oh i did not know that he stopped running it, sorry!

There is nothing at all in my chat history that I regret nor would I share a screenshot of if I had one. One can read our full exchange for oneself to get the full context.
I totally understand that it was a stressful day of spamming and mods were jumpy and trigger-happy as a result. I believe this was a case of friendly-fire, and an admission of that (or a logical explanation of why it wasn’t) is all I was ever looking for.

not at all representative of what happened - which was, bluntly put, a literally day-long raid of abusive and bad-faith users, with moderation scaling up accordingly

Yes. that happened. that’s the historical context of the day. that’s not what the screenshots intend to represent, therefore they’re not misrepresentations. they represent the meta-conversation about the ban and they’re perfectly representative. Feel free to show me how they’re not, but I believe that’s a pointless divergence, tangent to the actual topic at hand (friendly fire banning and refusal to honestly analyze it).

Like I’ve already told you on Matrix: you are demanding a justification that satisfies you personally, and you are not going to get one, because you continue to misinterpret things to suit your narrative and I don’t play that game. That remains true on these forums as well.

Moderation decisions are ultimately a judgment call by a moderator, and plenty of thought and experience goes into that call already, even if you don’t see it. These bans are not arbitrary nor “trigger-happy”.

I see no reason to engage in this discussion on here further; those who are interested can read it back for themselves, as all of the necessary context has already been provided there for someone who is genuinely interested in understanding the reason for the bans.

In other words:

Feel free to show me how they’re not

No, I won’t. You’re trying to stir up shit, not trying to legitimately understand.

No, it doesn’t? :laughing:

No, I don’t

Yes, PrivacyTools is not an alt-right space. Everyone involved believes a well moderated community is the only way to foster constructive conversations, and the screenshots and arguments here prove it is the opposite of “toxic”, if anything.

Closing thread, as nobody else has already.