Why is the forum not more popular?

i was wondering why there’s not more people here given that PTIO seems to be quite popular and i realized the forum isn’t linked from the ‘Participate’ menu at privacytools.io

perhaps there’s a reason for that?

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Double-check that large green box in the Participate section for me please :slight_smile:

you mean the one i probably clicked earlier in order to land here in the first place? :blush:

somehow when i looked at the home page again, i’m didn’t associate ‘Discourse’ with the forum - isn’t there a Discourse app or something?

k, i’m old(er) … i give up

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You’re probably thinking of Discord! No worries haha

I like this forum and do my best to participate


Well the reason is that its still a fairly new forum. But we are doing our best to manage it, and help grow a big and vibrant community of privacy minded people, a place where they can talk over their struggles or the roadblocks they hit on their journey.

And everyone can really help by simply commenting, liking and maybe making a post themselves. What also help is linking to this forum on other websites like Reddit to draw more people. Anyway in the end all we are after is creating a privacy friendly corner of the internet where everyone can discuss about how they can increase the privacy of themselves and others in their life. :smiley:


Thats really awesome and we highly appreciate that!

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It seems very active to me judging by my email that I still haven’t gotten under control (I have this in mailing list mode).

Maybe it should be referred to as Discourse forum?

I usually don’t really like chat rooms or forums generally because of sheer ignorance that follows. Although people usually will consider the removal of messages and threads “censorship”, I find it nice to not have people who have no intelligence around. Sadly, you can’t really prevent that, since stupidity breeds like a pathogen. Of course since I support some of the campaigns from the FSF, I’ll usually hear the sheer annoyance of people who’re spewing tangible words… Its why I always say, its best to be alone, you don’t have to deal with the obstacle of socializing. Its also why I promote my own philosophy called a great gifted intellect is wasted on the average and dolt.