Why is Firefox the only recommended desktop browser? (besides Tor)

Yeah I’m sure its “good” after you fix the about:config and all that, but…I wish there was another option for a good “everyday privacy browser”.

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there people already made those tweaks also you can use tor browser with its tweaks without tor network itself. there is a lot of stuff you cab do :stuck_out_tongue:. why its better? because all in market are chrome and firefox and we all know google so yes firefox is good, not the best in privacy but good

How can i use tor browser without tor?

i lost the link but i remember it was from https://www.whonix.org/wiki/ there is browser, just like tor one with all of its configures but without connecting to tor network

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Adjusting the default settings in about:config can be quite overwhelming but that’s the exact reason is recommended to browse more privately than alternatives. There are a number of guides that explain what each setting does, I’d recommend having a look and just take your time to understand what they do (roughly, no need to become obsessed about it). Consider that as inconvenient as this may seem, you only have to do it once and reuse your configuration from that point on.

Found 'em: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/SecBrowser/Windows

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What about about:config and browser fingerprinting? I have a feeling that it can make your Firefox very unique.

Hi @esmailelbob,

How i can use this?

It’s kinda hard to use

Don’t ask me :joy:

I tried to use it but i got hit by tor is blocked in my country and i did tried to get the bridge settings but it kept fail so i really dont know how (but it should be easy as sudo apt-get install) then run the browser, let it download it stuff and it should open so easy

How about using goodbyedpi?

I used greentunnel and medium was blocked (and in fact still blocked, it’s just funny how website like it blocked and how torrents websites are still not like the .org domain of piratebay) and greentunnel worked in first won’t lie but after time it did not work so i’m not sure my ISP got smart and stopped use DPI or the app itself