Why Does a CF blocker see CF on PTIO?

I just grabbed a new installed Brave browser added, Badger, uBlock Origin, and Canvas Defender (adds noise to CFs) and it pops up that it’s adding noise to the CF via PTIO. I know something is wrong, and it’s not PTIO - right?

It pops every time the screen is refreshed. I didn’t see anything on their site about it, and best I could find, is a note saying if it adds noise, it’s adding to a CF by the site one is on.

I’m not sure which CF fighter is any good any any false positives suggest a weak CF blocker/faker.

If this is not the place to ask this then feel free to shoot someone standing closer to you than I am - that way you won’t miss.


Maybe the extension is broken? Seems to be a few complaints on the support page.

I’m looking for something similar so let me know if you find a good alternative.

Could also be Matomo analytics, I noticed the site tries to load it from https://stats.privacytools.io/matomo.js.

Until last April when I took over the servers the site was behind CloudFlare. If it uses built-in lists they could be outdated.

I unloaded " Canvas Fingerprint Defender" and installed “CanvasFingerprintBlock” in it’s place and it reports TWO CF attempts in Forums PTIO, not ONE like the other did.

I think I like ‘Etch-a-sketch’ better - it’s the safest device I know. This fighting the peeps and pervs stealing my privacy is getting to be too much, and I won’t sacrifice privacy just to access the Trashnet.
For the kids, “Etch-a-Sketch” is here.

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