Why are most of the suggested Firefox settings not enabled by default?

Privacytools and Mozilla Wiki list a series of helpful settings, most of which do not seem to break or worsen the browser’s functionality (certain settings to block extra tracking and fingerprinting, antiphishing etc).

Why aren’t those directly implemented by Mozilla as default?

It might brake few websites and mozilla don’t want their users complaning about it


Because they want to become the browser used by everyone (in addition to be the best one) and when you want to appeal to everyone you have to be very stable, not specialized into 1 thing, and not make anyone afraid of you. So if they start implementing by default all the “tweaks” that we, privacy educated users, love they may alienate a lot of “normal” users who then have no idea why some websites are “broken” and would complain that they can’t see the ads they were used to or can’t install this Ofissial_Leyjit_Flash.exe to play this popup mini game in their Facecrap wall or to send money to this poor guy who wrote them an email about his father, the king of Kawabunga, who his held prisoner by the rebels and need them to send 1000$ to escape and he will re pay in diamonds once free, they promise… and it’s real, he tells in the email he is in jail, it’s serious.

So … yeah… I love Firefox and yes I would like to see it with a lot of things activated by default like you but at the same time I understand why it may be a bad idea to do all of that at once.