Whonix Vs tails

Hello guys,

Anyone here used both whonix and tails? Which one did you like more and why? I generally use Linux mint, so I was thinking to use Linux mint and whonix gateway. How will it be? Also, I am interested towards tails because of its amnesic… I am really confused on what to select…

Anyone please?

One option could be, is to try both Tails and Whonix. Then you can select the one you want?

The Whonix wiki is a gold mine for information. If you have time to spare, it maybe be beneficial to spend time educating one self in order to gain experience. Things become less confusing…

As for the host, this was helpful for me to learn from:

Thanks a lot mate.

I have not used Whonix, as it’s too complicated for me, but I have used tails. I used to use it a lot before I found Linux Kodachi, which is now my main ticket into the Darknet. I still sometimes use Tails when I want a quickie foray. Tails comes ‘as is’, so you don’t have to really do anything, while Kodachi needs some set-up, and a bit more complicated (but nowhere near like Whonix, Qubes, and others are). Here’s a comparision:


Tails will do everything for you, even auto-connect. Combining Linux Mint and Whonix is going to get really complex, really fast. If you’re like a beginner, I would not recommend it. I’d consider it more for intermediate to advanced users, like Kali Linux or Parrot OS.

Whonix has a nice benefit of being inside of a VM, but the whole project comes off as completely unprofessional. I don’t know if I trust the devs.