Which VPN you consider the best?


Maybe it is impossible to find an overall best VPN (at least that’s what I realized) although for me the key features were the following:

proven no log policy (like court based cases)
has its own application (IOS/Android/Linux/Windows) for an easy use
built in kill switch on all platform
reliable speed

Based on that the result was not so good. Only Express VPN and PIA fulfilled these criteria.
I know PIA is US based but they were proven on court that there are no logs.

What’s your favorite? Which one you would recommend?

P.S.: TOR is really good although for me it was a bit slow and I had read that your ISP can consider you as a suspicious client.

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my personal preference: mullvad or airvpn

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I have been using PIA for well over a year now. But I don’t use their app. Instead, I downloaded their .ovpn files and use OpenVPN. One of my concerns was the reliability of the killswitch in their app. I use the Network Manager in Linux to mediate my VPN and manually implemented some firewall rules to set up a failsafe. I just wrote a couple of scripts: one to manually turn on a “killswitch” by way of UFW rules and another to turn it off. Takes a little more work (not really; just a couple of seconds to run a script), but at least I know that the killswitch is working everytime. PIA is a great service.


You may find this handy:

I suspect you will get plenty of Mullvad recommendations, though I’m not sure it fulfils your criteria for it’s own app on all platforms. Generally speaking though, using Openvpn or Wireguard is probably safer than a proprietary app.

I use Nord, which probably does tick the box, but their app has questionable behaviour and I only use a vpn for 3 applications, everything else is on tor. I’d be on Mullvad if I wasn’t so cheap.

PIA has some dubious history, worth researching.

The ‘getting put on a watchlist’ thing is mostly nonsense unless you live under a highly repressive regime. 8million or so daily tor users is a big list, help it grow and that list becomes ever less useful.

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I agree. That site is worth checking out. Probably one of the few out there with good and unbiased info.

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Sorry I missed to mention that I checked in details the mentioned https://thatoneprivacysite.net/#detailed-vpn-comparison site. It was absolutely useful !

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(Jose A: Leon) #8

I used AirVPN some time ago, it’s great but there are things I don’t like there.

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(blacklight447) #9

1+ for Mullvad, they are one of the few providers that doesn’t do affiliate stuff. They also allow payment with cash or crypto, and don’t require any info for signup, not even an email address. Your way better of with Tor for anonimity, but if your hardpressed for a VPN, Mullvad would be one of the best.

(Zachariah ) #10

I’m also a happy mullvad costumer. But if somebody, for some reason, needs a free VPN I think it’s ok to recommend ProtonVPN.

(NoHablaPrivacy) #11

Mullvad by far the best for privacy. Just don’t lose your account number :joy:

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(Jonah) #12

I’ve used Mullvad once or twice, they seem fine. I strongly believe most people don’t need to purchase a plan from a large VPN provider though… What’s your use-case?

If you need security and trust, like on a public Wifi network for example, it’s almost definitely better to host your own VPN from a VPS or similar provider. Lots more options in location and in configuration, you can personally ensure there’s no logging to disk for example. In my opinion, they’re also less likely to monitor network activity statistically speaking. The odds of an ostensibly “privacy respecting” or “no logging” VPN actually being malicious seems much more likely to me.

If you need privacy or anonymity, a VPN of any kind isn’t going to cut it, and you should be using Tor. And you shouldn’t use both.

(Esmail EL BoB) #13

for me, i love protonVPN


Using ProtonVPN as well ! Good services :slight_smile:


mullvad via boringtun, though really i think the definition of “best” and use case needs further definition to better advise.

mobile clients are tricky I’ve found – seamless transition from wifi to mobile data or back is non-trivial. the only client i’ve found a truly seamless transition was ExpressVPN.

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PIA definitely. They are the only VPN I know of that his been verified to not log in court.

This verification is more important to me, than their jurisdiction or the alleged aggressive marketing against competitors.

There are people who claim that this just means that PIA responded to the prosecutor’s subpoena that they did not have anything to hand over, which is technically accurate, but it essentially means that the FBI and prosecutors were sufficiently convinced to not pursue the matter in court by alleging that PIA had failed to comply with a subpoena, or that they had perjured themselves.

This is essentially the same thing as formal court verification, as the court does not in itself have a hand in investigating, and it is up to the plaintiff to do so.


Thanks for this verification. That’s the reason why I also think that PIA is trustworthy.

(blacklight447) #18

Eh, I personally do not trust PIA. they involved themselves in some really dirty smear campaigns, and tried to boost their own services with it. When a company relies that hard on such tactics , and also goes full out on affiliate programs, it doesn’t exactly spike my confidence in a companies ethical standards.

Also, please don’t use a VPN to protect against governments. It is not what the technology was designed for. It always relies on privacy by policy, where something like Tor is privacy by design, and doesn’t require you to trust a single centralized commercial party, but have a distributed trust model where no party except you knows the entire path.



i suppose the only truly anonymous method = bare metal vpn which you have full control of, but has no way of pointing back to yourself. (+tor or i2p, etc)

(blacklight447) #20

Well that approach has a few problems too. When you host your own VPn you either need to trust your VPS provider instead of your VPN provider. If you host it at home, you will still use your own IP, which would also be a bit useless. Another issue with it is that you will be the only one using that IP, so you could still get correlated because of it.

Regarding using a VPN with Tor: Why you should NOT use a VPN with Tor

A VPN provider that you have chosen to trust is okay-ish for the purpose of hiding your IP address from marketing companies, and keeping your connection secure from attackers on your local network. But if you need more then that, Tor is the way to go (the browser even takes care of browser fingerprinting for you :slight_smile:) .