Which tor browser should I use? Tor browser or Tor Browser alpha?

Recently I update my mobile to android10. Since then I am unable to use tor browser it is showing some warnings. So I have been using alpha version since then

Alpha is just they release unstable features — It’s good if you want try new things when it comes but it’s bad because sometimes you will get some bugs so for me i would go to normal one

EDIT: I’m not sure about your phone but i judge from it’s name so feel free to correct me

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I am using pixel 3a, and warnings/errors are
-WARN: Managed proxy at ‘/data/app/org.torproject.torbrowser-SMFVEBXaLqFR4S__aNg64w==/lib/arm64/libObfs4proxy.so’ reported: error: “/data/app/org.torproject.torbrowser-SMFVEBXaLqFR4S__aNg64w==/lib/arm64/libObfs4proxy.so”: executable’s TLS segment is underaligned: alignment is 8, needs to be at least 64 for ARM64 Bionic

  • WARN: Pluggable Transport process terminated with status code 6

if im correct, the problem when tor start to connect to network so maybe it’s blocked in your network ? use bridge and tell me or it something with phone’s hardware itself (because i see: ARM64) but let’s try bridge first

It works perfectly fine if I don’t use bridge, but if I select bridge whether it obfs4 or meek or bridge I know, It is showing error

then problem in connection not in phone itself i guess ? im really not sure its weird :joy: in alpha one when u use bridge you get error too or not ? (maybe in alpha they use something else or maybe they support your device it kinda tricky)

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Do you recommend sticking to alpha?

from its name alpha mean most of features will be broken but sure if u not face bugs daily with it then fine