Which provider has the most privacy and security in NextCloud?

I plan to use NextCloud, but I do not know which provider is the strongest in terms of privacy and security. I want to see files stored in the cloud with my smartphone, and I want to use them for free. Which provider do you think is the best?
Also, please let us know if the provider is open source, can do two-step authentication, or is end-to-end.

If you want the utmost security you should self host it. If running a server out of your home isn’t an option I recommend Digital Ocean.

why Digital Ocean? Any source why this provider is privacy friendly?

Considering pricing and low-storage isn’t an issue, try Woelki (EN).
They are my current provider and offer exceptionally good service.

However, if you are like most people and need more storage space, I have heard good reviews about Nabla Host: nablahost [dot] com/services/storage/

For US-based, I know some users like librem.one:
librem [dot] one

Note: Just letting the PTIO team know, that I really hate the 2 link maximum policy. :slight_smile:

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why Digital Ocean? Any source why this provider is privacy friendly?

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All of them can access your data, unless you use E2EE. And even then, your notes, bookmarks, contacts, calendar… are not encrypted. Even with VPS and your own installation, there are ways to take your data.

I would assume all of them will respect your privacy, cause that’s there business. I mean, if it’s found out your NC provider is selling your data, they will lose all of their customers. Also, if authorities require your data, they will probably give them all.

I use Hetzner, cause they offer admin accounts with all the apps, starting from 3 €/month. Though there is no Collabora online/Only office, unless you provide the server. But you can connect your NC account with Onlyoffice personal, and edit those within browser (but only ooxml files)