Which Phone Manufacturer Do You Use?

  • Samsung
  • OnePlus
  • Motorola
  • Librem
  • iPhone
  • Other

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been using oneplus since oneplus 1, then onplus 3 and now oneplus 6t

Currently using the iPhone 6S, but plan on changing to Samsung.

Xiaomi MI5 — with LineageOS, no GAPPS, no MicroG

My main phone is Nokia 1 and Nokia’s (or HMD Global’s) phones are mostly part of Android One meaning two years of the latest Android and one more of security patches which for now is the the best documented offer (Apple doesn’t say anywhere that their phones actually get 5 years of security updates even if that is what people are saying).

I do have Google Apps currently though, I will worry about them later when I don’t have security updates or it’s time to get a new phone.

My backup phone is Jolla 1 and I also have old Samsung Galaxy SIII for apps that are too heavy for the Nokia 1.

why? Do you have a Google account?

I want to use another phone, instead of using the iPhone.

A Xiaomi with Android One, I am planning on switching to Nokia when I upgrade.

Interesting to see so few Samsung users on PTIO forums.