Which is the most private Chromium browser?

Hello, I am learning to code and I have read is a good idea to use various browsers for troubleshooting with the dev tools. I will not be using it as my daily browser, I just want to check how is my website looking on another software but I don’t want BigG sucking any of my data, I downloaded Chromium but their customization is very limited and I’m sure they still phone home.

If the best option is ungoogled Chromium, how do I achieve this?


Brave is a solid option.

i use ungoogled Chromium and Iridium

Mmm, I’m not so sure, I think they may have their own phoning home and I don’t like their built-in tracker blocker, but I guess this will be my last option I there isn’t anything better.

How do you ungoogle Chromium? Please?
I have used Iridium and it looks okay, do you know if it doesn’t have any Google spying shit?

ungoogled Chromium is shitty in install ik, if i remember right you download packages then do sudo dpkg -i *.deb after extracting all .deb files in one folder

What do I download?

I use Vivaldi as a second browser

I would prefer a FLOSS alternative.

i use linux version so yeah download linux one ?

https://ungoogled-software.github.io/ungoogled-chromium-binaries/releases/debian/buster_amd64/ i mean this for debian 10 so if you have debian (like me) download this and extract it (or put all files) in one folder then run the cmd or just select your linux from here: https://ungoogled-software.github.io/ungoogled-chromium-binaries/releases/ and i assume its same cmd

While not exactly FLOSS, Vivaldi gives us its source code, i.e. most of it. But being (partialy) closed source doesn’t necessarily means it is less secure and/or less private. I understand they want to keep important parts of their code for themselves, as it it something that makes difference. When it comes to features, Vivaldi is one of the best browsers out there, alongside Opera (which is privacy nightmare, that’s the reason why Vivaldi is created).

Out-of-box, Vivaldi is not perfect privacy-oriented browser. Mainly due to default bookmarks they put. But they need to make money somehow, just as FF use Google as def. search engine. But it can be tweaked quite well. Maybe not as good as un-googled Crhomium, but as I mentioned, its features are way better. So it is compromise between two. As I use FF as primary browser, plus Tor for some other stuff, Vivaldi is great option when I need chromium based browser

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On windows I use chrlauncher to download and update my Ungoogled Chromium.

I believe Ungoogled Chromium is currently the cleanest option. I use it as a fallback for watching videos, because Firefox does not support hardware video acceleration on Linux. However, you have to build it from source code yourself, and it takes several hours.