Which is safer, Thunderbird60 with TorBirdy, or the latest version 68?

I’m wondering what the Thunderbird version is. I would like to introduce TorBirdy, which has a high degree of anonymity, but it can only be used with 60, not the latest version. Which of the 60 with TorBirdy and the latest 68 is more about privacy and security? Are there any recommended add-ons? (Except for Engimail.)

It is a known issue #31341 TorBirdy does not support Thunderbird 68 from what I can tell.

Something should happen soon, Figure out what to do with Torbirdy vs. Thunderbird 78 ESR as there will be changes now that PGP support is going to be first-class in Thunderbird and not as an extension ie Enigmail. Thunderbird, Enigmail and OpenPGP.

I guess in the meantime you could use a user.js with a profile specific for Tor usage borrowing the settings set by Torbirdy.


Not exactly the most user friendly but if you need to use Thunderbird 68.8 right now it’s probably the best bet.

Now that thunderbird-user.js has been archived. Would you recommend using vanilla Thunderbird with a couple changes or keep using the old user.js. I don’t think I’d get used to using terminal for mail.

The user.js would be better than the vanilla configuration yes.

What is required is that someone checks out 68.0 of the user.js from ghacks and compares with what is implemented in Thunderbird.

This can be done by checking to see if the key exists in about:config (ie Edit → Preferences → Advanced → Config Editor).

Some of the keys do exist but don’t actually do anything, ie the rss.display options so one would need to check the source to see if there’s actually any code corresponding to the config option.

This can be done by checking the source of comm-release and possibly comm-central if you get any hits for the keys that related to source then you know that it does something.

Either way that’s what’s required. For me it’s just easier to use neomutt for a number of reasons that I mentioned.

Understandable, I’m not really in the right place to maintain this project by myself, I could probably help with key checking if someone want to fork this. Thanks for replying.

I think when Torbirdy was running and you upgraded, then all the settings made by Torbirdy are still present in prefs.js.

I am in the same situation and the upgraded Thunderbird 68 with automatically disabled Torbirdy is still using Tor proxy and i think all the options made by Torbirdy are also present in prefs.js.

That is the case, likewise modifying those settings with a user.js is a way to do it without the Torbirdy extension.

They may update it in the future. I suspect there will be some changes as the rest of the XUL stuff is removed. This will also effect Enigmail which I mentioned in my first post.