Which "internet security" solution should I use?

not sure if this the right place for this, but i need to change my internet secuirity.

i used to work with comodo but well they stopped the free internet secuitity asside from antivirus.

and i just hate the windows built in secuirity (not to mention that im about to stay with windows for long)

so is anycan segguest a good internet sceuirity?

My 30+ years with “internet security” still leaves me wondering if there is such a thing.
First, I will suggest the following:

  1. IMO - There is no such thing “free” on the internet. Either we pay with money, bitcoin, or our privacy. 99.99% of companies do not believe that your privacy has any value, so when you get anything free, you probably paid with your ‘right-o-privacy’.

  2. Now, most “free” anti-virus/security charges your privacy. AVG, Norton in my experience have 'Terms of Use" and a “Privacy Policy” statement that will in a long and round about way, let you know you are being SMRC’ed with their “free” software. From my work with Norton, they SMRC with their paid version.

  3. I think you’ll need to better define what you mean “internet security”.

  4. You probably know about all the browser add-ons to include some mediocre semblance of privacy, cookie and anti-SMRC medicine for your network. But caution - you may need protection from the protector.

Personally, I doubt there is any such thing as “internet security” - just people flogging ‘apps’ that make money for them and a more public you.

Wait a few days - you will probably get many great ideas here. Also, if you’re considering anti-virus plus internet ‘safety’ the the place to avoid are review sites. Most are just people reviewing products they sell as affiliates. Your best bet, is check the unbiased labs at AV-TEST - they don’t sell what they test. The "other sites ‘reviews’ are opinions, not real tests.

Personally, I:

  • use a few browser add-ons to manage the constant barrage of SMRC’ers that are trying be embedded on my system.

  • I don’t do anything personal with Win 10. I dual boot Win 7, or 10. We has a bit of control with Win 7, but . Win 10 controls us.

  • I started out not knowing much about the ‘privacy movement’ but privacytools.io put the road to privacy on the map. Do check out the PrivacyTools.IO main site quick ideas.
    Surveillance Self-defense has a great list of excellent tools as well.

  • I use TOR client for private stuff, but financial.

  • I’m learning Linux because most SMRCers depend the wide-open Win 10 to worm their way into your life and bleed your privacy out.

IMO - Set up a good privacy system, and you’ll have good internet security.

Goo luck @tale and be sure to keep a eye out on your post for better answers.


99.99% of companies do not believe that your privacy has any value, so when you get anything free, you probably paid with your ‘right-o-privacy’.

Rather, companies put high value on your private data, which is why they trade it with you for their apps and services.

Stalk, Monitor, Record, and Control or SMRC

IMO, using this term in this way exxagerates beyond reasonable. While annoying and disagreeable to some people, what you are calling cyber stalking does not compare with in-person physical stalking, and it’s clear most “reasonable” sheeple do not fear it.

: the act or crime of willfully and repeatedly following or harassing another person in circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to fear injury or death especially because of express or implied threats

Dumb question, but what does smrc stand for? Not Scottish Motor Racing Club I’m sure.


Blockquote Stalk, Monitor, Record, and Control


Thank you for your opinion which I respect your right to have.

Browser extensions used with home-built Waterfox Classic 2019.12:

I rely largely (not entirely) upon the Malwarebytes extension because as far as I know, there’s no good operating system-oriented solution for FreeBSD.

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