Which firewall at school

I’m trying to evaluate which firewall software I want to install at the school I’m working for.
Primarely it will be used for content-filter purposes (via IP as well as DNS).
At the moment I’m playing with pfsense, but being a Linux guy I’m wondering whether IPFire could be a better choice.
Anyone here with some good advice? :smiley:

Not really privacy related, but pfSense is probably your best FOSS option, much better than IPFire.

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Pfsense is not really foss any-more. The source code has not been updated for some time. And also a user reported it’s no longer possible to build it from source. There were some other strange things going on, like a takeover of a perceived rival products website.
So, have a look at opnsense before just choosing pfsense (opnsense is a fork of pfsense). BTW I used pfsense for a couple of years and was rather happy with it. But beware the underlying file-system might destroy your data if you turn the firewall off by the power button. (it happened to me several times and it sucked). You might also want to give linux a try for your firewall. I switched to openwrt (because opnsense failed to install with its new improved file-system, whose name I forgot at the moment). Openwrt can do all the things pfsense can I think and also is very lightweight, stable and runs from a read-only partition so it will not destroy your ssd). I have been using it for my home network for 4 months now without issues on a x64 machine and see no reason to switch back to pfsense/opnsense.

Might end up using opnsense at the four schools. I’ve got OpenWrt running on my router at home, but I’m not fully convinced it is as enterprise-ready as *sense. Thanks for your suggestions

+1 for opnsense… :slight_smile:

pfSense is a good choice, as they provide wonderful enterprise grade options, for free.