Which anonymity networks do you use, if any?

  • 1.Tor
    1. I2P
    1. Freenet
    1. GNUnet
    1. anoNet
    1. Zeronet
    1. dn42
    1. Other

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Even if my Zeronet is not starting on boot and I am checking it very occassionally and Tor is mainly background traffic and I guess I2Pd is working as a router and contributing to the network even if I didn’t do anything by myself there (yet).

Most of my usage is in Yggdrasil (ssh -6 y.whatever.mikaela.internal) which some have described as a graynet. I am running a Tor peer there and there is at least one I2P peer available too.

Edit 2019-08-04: Linking to Discussion: Yggdrasil so people can see ideas on what Yggdrasil can be used for.

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I’m interested in Yggdrasil, but the setup was a bit more complex! Maybe that’ll be one of my many projects - thanks for the suggestion! (Oh, and yes I’m running I2Pd as well; I was also checking out the I2P Browser with it).

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I found it more simple than Cjdns at least. There are instructions for Debian based distributions here (which I have to PR about not using systemctl enable --now yggdrasil) and then it’s just matter of opening the ports in firewall(s) and configuring peers in /etc/yggdrasil.conf.

The ufw command for LAN-peering is ufw allow from fe80::/10 to any port 9001 proto udp and the other port you can find from Listen[].

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Haha! I used to use cjdns on my old computer, but hadn’t found any practical use for it! I was able to connect to some nodes, and that was about it. Maybe I had to combine it with Hyperboria?

Also, it’s interesting that there aren’t any dn42 or GNUnet users here (or at least that have responded)! :stuck_out_tongue: Those are also a bit more complex; wouldn’t you agree?

That is something I found confusing with Cjdns, there is the software Cjdns (or cjdroute) and the network Hyberboria and everyone talks about joining Hyperboria while you are connected to it the instant when you connect to someone who is connected to the wider network.

In Yggdrasil both are called as Yggdrasil.

Oh and my usage has mainly been IRC unless SSH/mosh is counted and I have done some syncplaying over it too (and gotten E2EE without fighting with TLS :purple_heart:).

I haven’t looked into either recently, I remebmer being curious about Dn42, but I didn’t find confidence in attempting to get in or maybe I would have needed 24/7 connectivity or something (it has been a few years I looked into either) and of GNUnet I only remember thinking that it looks too complex, so I agree, and I haven’t seen anyone talking aout it except maybe mentioning that it exists.

The ones I hear the most are:

  • Tor (naturally)
  • I2P(d)
  • Zeronet (it has kind of scene, I guess, I read ZeroTalk at times)

I guess I am also in Yggdrasil/Cjdns bubble in Matrix and could also say that IPFS is worth mentioning even if it doesn’t support any anonymity networks currently (even if there are Tor gateways).

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Well, cjdns (if I’m not mistaken) is the protocol, whereas Hyperboria uses that protocol. So they could be developed independently of one another - maybe it’s like comparing the Tor Browser with the Tor Network (although those have the same name, obviously). Have you heard of Netsukuku?

I am not sure, but I don’t think that is happening in practice at least. I am not sure if I mentioned it, but I am avoiding Cjdns due to their plans related to cryptocurrencies and bitcoin fork and I have a problem with their attitude.

I think I may have heard of it, is it something that came before Cjdns and Yggdrasil & co.? I think it was mentioned in Hacker News threads or something that come up when searching for either or Hyperboria or meshnets, but I either haven’t looked more deeply or cannot remember.

I am a bit sleep deprived and it’s approaching midnight, so good night

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http://netsukuku.freaknet.org/ - the site says it’s been around since 2001.