Where is the virtual currency buying exchange without identity verification?

I would like to create an account or an account without verifying my identity. Is there anything that is good? The exchange I am looking for, the place of purchase are as follows.

You can use it without confirming your identity.

How to buy a virtual currency, not a credit card, but a PayPal, Gift Card (Amazon, Google, Apple, or any other way of purchasing without revealing your personal information)

(If possible, you should have the following points. It does not have to be.)

There is a site of onion domain version.

When dealing with Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash.

Others are highly anonymous.

have you looked at localbitcoins and localmonero

also you’d be surprised how many crypto ATM’s there are in USA and worldwide.

check out coinatmradar[.]com

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No, I don’t like ATMs, are there any more?

Bisq works if you already have some bitcoin. Getting the first funds is the hard part, either sell something online for crypto or go to an atm or in-person trade.

Do you have link URL of this site?