Where can I find a VPN comparison chart?

I seen some table with comparisions of VPNs, not sure where, anyone can give me the link? Thanks.

Btw, do you have any thoughts about using the following VPNs:
-Private tunnel

VPN marketing is truly dirty and unscrupulous so I would definitely advise to do your own proper research.

PTIO already has 3 recommendations namely: Mullvad, ProtonVPN and iVPN. Up to you to pick one.

Tunnelbear has been acquired by (or maybe rebranded as) Private Internet Access. The VPN company was in turn acquired by another company with a somewhat advertising-related business model.


Using a VPN will not keep your browsing habits anonymous, nor will it add additional security to non-secure (HTTP) traffic. If you are looking for anonymity, you should use the Tor Browser instead of a VPN. If you’re looking for added security, you should always ensure you’re connecting to websites using encrypted DNS and HTTPS. A VPN is not a replacement for good security practices. If you’re looking for additional privacy from your ISP, on a public Wi-Fi network, or while torrenting files, a VPN may be the solution for you as long as you understand the risks involved.

(Source PrivacyTools)

Please make sure you understand what VPNs actually are. There are very few situations when you will actually need one.

I’d also read these articles:

As @hauntsanctuary has stated, PrivacyTools already has 3 recommendations namely: Mullvad, ProtonVPN and iVPN. I’d also check thatoneprivacysite.net for a detailed comparison of almost every VPN.

In regards to your two suggestions, neither of them meet our criteria, hence we don’t recommend them.

Hope this helps!


Have a look here :


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thatoneprivacysite.net should be a good resource. Before anything else, I recommend reading the VPN page of privacytools.io. Understanding their selection criteria is beneficial for your privacy.

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Need to add: That One Privacy Site does not appear to have been updated in two years, so some information may be outdated.

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Mullvad? It is a 14 Eyes country

Being in a eye thing dosn’t just make things unsecure every contry has different privacy laws for exanple china isn’t one of the eyes so would you trust china?

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I would trust China mainly because I don’t think they would give up a Chinese VPN company to Western LE.
Privacy Tools states being outside the 14 Eyes is a vital requirement of a VPN provider

They won’t give it to western LE instead they would give them to there goverment why do we use VPN outside of us? We don’t want our informations being collected and i think chinice goverment would really like to collect your infomation

Consider tor. Thatoneprivacysite has been sold … to pretty shady people.

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I thing google will tell you better but according to my ideas nord, Circuit Vpn is better than others.

They use 3rd party trackers on thier website

I would check here, it’s not the best resource since it’s not completed but it has a lot of things to analyze, you could also help make it better.