Whatsapp New terms of Service

Can someone explain the privacy issues with their new TOS?

It was never good in the first place, after facebook acquired it. I havent really read it but from what I have heard, previously they dont do as much datamining/analytics/telemetry, now it is the same as all Facebook products, which implies that they will do above stuff with your data before you encrypt it and send it.

In reality very little has changed, as WhatsApp has shared your data with facebook for years. This isn’t to say that their privacy policy is or ever was any good: they collect all sorts of information from device identifiers and address contacts to metadata about who you talk to, how often, for how long, etc. This may not sound like much but there’s a nice quote in the Wired article that I really like:

“I don’t trust any product made by Facebook, (…) Their business model is surveillance. Never forget that.”

The news here is that under the new terms you can no longer opt-out from sharing your data with Facebook. You also have to accept these terms in order to continue using the app, so it’s effectively an ultimatum.

Recently someone posted a thread about telemetry and whether we should allow it or not. I recommend you read the linked article and my response there, since what is happening here with WhatsApp is very related.


without explain, It’s a product under facebook management and both of its CEOs left (the people who created what’sapp) after some time and later it turned out they left because facebook wants to feed more on users data so yup its bad! the new terms is going to take your battery status, the strength of power of your internet, the version of whats’app, the browsers, the phone number, what sim you use (like provider), ISP, Language, Time, IP, and any relations with facebook and i’m sure more like contacts and others

It’s the same as before like being mentioned in one of the comments above. However, before this, Whatsapp gave the option to opt-out from sharing your data to Facebook. This time, Whatsapp won’t give that option anymore. Your data will be shared with Facebook or they will delete your Whatsapp account. Either you share or you can leave.

Well, I already left!