Whats THE Messenger?

I feel like thats journey without an end.
Still without a decision. There are so many Messenger out there that have aspects I like (obviously privacy too).
Currently I have 10 (+ Berty Beta) Messenger installed.
It’s hard for me to decide wich one is really theessenger I want to use and whats the best for me.
I want to know this for my peace of mind and to be able to recommend others without switching the other day because there is something better.
I want a messenger that I can recommend to
open-minded others (for example friend(s) & family).

The messenger should be privacy-respecting (preferrable anonymous accounts)
So the Messenger shouldn’t require your mobile number.
It should be fairly user-friendly,
and should support multiple platforms like IOS, Android, Desktops.

I’ll list some messengers I have installed so you might get an Idea of what I want:
Threema (Contra: costs)
Jami (partially centralised)
Wire (idk I dont really like it and its not very good)
Conversations (nobody will use it and matrix>xmp)
Signal (centralised and phone number)
Briar (Android only :frowning: )
Session (I dont 100% understand it I guess, scared?)
Anonymous Messenger (others wont use it and not really userfriendly)
Berty (Beta or Alpha and rn not usable)

Element should be your best bet but the clients feels cumbersome somehow. I cant seem to explain it properly.

I would have also suggested messenger pigeons but maintenance and cleanup is a bother and requires training of birds. This paragraph is April Fools message btw…


I have IRL frienz that I use Conversations/ChatSecure/Gajim with as well as Tox (other girls), I am however outside of the US. Those resistant to using them also can provide reasons for not wanting to use them however as well ; not like they need reasons tho - if someone doesn’t want to - that’s enough of a reason .

if anyone tho is being followed by intelligence agencies, harassed by plain clothes police or otherwise considered a dissident or terrorist, or even a whistleblower witnessing war crimes or journalist ; then human nature im sure would take over and someone would apply an appropriate level of diligence

It IS possible some ppl might be willing to use those though in your social circle xD

No one uses i2pchat that I know of lols, but…it seems ok. I use Mumble rarely … and ya it IS sad that briar is android only :confused: Retroshare came out with a new release last month, but it seems there is still no version for iOS users…

It looks like for anyone who is so inclined that some one can always set up their own private matrix server as well