What's going on with realtor.com?

Tested in Linux and Win10 now. Same hardware. 3600X / 1060 6gb / 16gb / NVMe

Go to realtor and open some properties in new tabs. Your cpu will go nuts.

I couldn’t see anything in the source code that points out anything like a miner but this is literally the only site this occurs on…


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Try browsing some web pages on the Pirate Bay, I think they still have a miner there, if the results are the same I guess it is what you think it is.

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well, i not want say bad words on site without evidence but seems they using mine script, try install addon like https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/no-coin/?src=search and see again

Thanks, I installed “MinerBlock” and now it doesn’t occur even with lots more tabbed realtor.com sites.

So it seems they illegally mine (as there’s no disclaimer). I guess another case of big corporations get away with it.miner

The wierd thing is Minerblock says “Blocked miners: 0” yet it has cured the problem…

Well, that’s indeed weird. so i guess you need to talk with them because you have no real evidence -yet-, i mean yes it works fine when you run MinerBlock but same time the addon says it’s 0 so it detect nothing so all i can guess its sort of bug ? or new code the addon can not detect but it’s block it ? not sure better talk their support (which they will lie if they using mine scripts but at least they will be aware they got exposed and stop using it)

UPDATE: or even better, try talk with addon developer and let him run his tests and tell you if there bug in his addon or it’s website problem and it will count that you reported a bug and helped them to fix it and if there something weird as you said at least you will be aware about it then go to website support