What topic should I cover next?

As most of you know, I have been writing a blog for some time now, And while i’m currently writing my next post about tor, which will cover browser fingerprinting in Tor browser. Now I would love to know what other things you guys might like me to cover as my next subject. :smiley:

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i don’t use Tor at the moment, but i wonder if those that do would benefit from advice regarding what FF add-ons can/should/should not be used with the browser bundle? what are the dangers? how do you block ads (if you can’t use uBO)? etc…

i’m curious myself

One should not use addons with Tor browser. the strength of Tor browser is that every user looks the exact same.

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What do you use instead of Tor, if anything?

if you’re asking me, i use a VPN - Nord at the moment, but i think i’d recommend AirVPN over Nord, also it seems Mullvad is very popular and may be an even better choice

i’m sure blacklight447 will have something to say about this :slight_smile: because the fact is, you can’t really trust any VPN that i know of 100%


Also stuck with NordVPN, i’m waiting till my subscription is over but also thinking of mullvad.
How is the speed for you on mobile, cousee for me it’s pretty disappointing.

As a subject to talk about maybe clearing up some conspiracies just like the vpn with tor stuff.
Or your thoughts on the I have nothing to hide argument would be interesting and how to convince people that that is stupid with clear evidence.

beats me - i rarely use my phone and i don’t connect to a VPN with it directly - when do connect to the web it’s either through the data connection (rare) or through my router - i run the VPN on my router, but i never bothered to check speed of my mobile when connected to it - on my PC it’s quite good, maybe 85%+? compared to non-VPN

i like Eds quote: “Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide, is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”

one of the most annoying things for me is that those who don’t give a crap about their privacy either don’t understand, or don’t care that their choice affects everyone

in a better world i think there would be little privacy by choice because there wouldn’t be any unethical, greed driven psychopaths running it, but we’re a long way from that

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You could talk about in the next post, why it isn’t a great idea to modify Tor without proper knowledge.

I hear you. My spin, if I may, are those that send mail via Google, Yahoo, Hot/Live/Dead(?), and other nefarious stalkers. I ask them to please use their real email when discussing important matters like finances, medical, travel plans, family matters and so on. Then they say “I don’t have one.” And I ask them “How did you get your Gmail account” and they haven’t a clue. :unamused:

I am working on a encrypted auto-reply to detect that if it’s from any of the Stalkers, the auto-response tells the sender, ‘use real e-mail or stop sending peeps and pervs to my mailbox’. I’m not good at this stuff - it’s why I’m here - to learn, rant, make friends, share interests. It’s a nice change from tin-foil hatters to people in-the-know.