What to do when data once data apperas in a "general" data breach

I was checking on my emails for any potential breaches, and came across an old email which I tested in the have I been pawned service. This came up:

What can/should one do about “general” data breaches aside from changing passwords (using password manager of course) but any other tips? Because these breaches aren’t related to one account, it’s “just” info.

If it’s personal data, contact the site and tell them || Fuck You || and change your email/password for that service


Sorry to say this, however, you @esmailelbob are one of the most annoying personalities on this forum.

Most of your posts are neither helpful nor contribute to the topic of the thread. Many of your answers start with “I don’t know but I reply something” and show that you don’t have a clue about privacy.

It is very sad that more and more reputable people leave this forum while such useless posts of you and your sanguinary language gain the upper hand.

Well, Techlore says change your password and email if you got breached and dont use same password for 2 accounts and use password manager so excuse me, as i said change the email/password of breached site and it kinda matches my words with other people (aka techlore)

and indeed i say that word to make sure i dont say false info, no one knows everything (in case you dont know :D) so i just put myself in safe side and start my words like this

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There isnt much you can do but change your password as others have said.


Yeah I suppose that is the only way. I just feel stupid looking back at all my old and unused email accounts just laying around. It takes such a long time to dig up those old credentials and addresses, and in the end I only find out that the breaches that has been linked to that old email address is a more “general” breach where I can’t really do much. They should teach kids to use password hygiene in schools henceforth. Or maybe I’m just a tin foil hat person :smile:

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@desp10 please be nice and do constructive criticism. I personally like @esmailelbob and find his humor funny. If you don’t like it, that is fine but be nice to others. Maybe people are leaving online forms because of hostility towards members and a lack of respect for people with different world views. I read what you said and you have some points to be made but the way you made them is worthy of similar criticism that you have given.


Hopefully you have solid unique passwords for every service you use. It’s highly recommended to do so right because of this, otherwise breaching one website means accessing all your accounts.

If you use password manager, it’s easy to generate new passphrases/passwords to apply. It’d be a good idea to research more into these breaches about which services and types of data are affected so to not be forced to change all of them if you have many accounts.

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