What should do I setting at first?

I installed Qubes OS. What should I do? And what else do you need to do?
For security and privacy from Edward Snowden.

Well what i recommend to do is first threat model.

  1. What are you defending
  2. Who are you defending it from.
  3. how much would it impact you if thing thing you are defending gets compromised by the thing you are defending it from.

This is mostly because just using a bunch of security tools on top of a secure OS is never a good idea, and will most likely only leave you in frustration. Which in the long run may lead you to using less or in secure alternatives.



OK. Please tell me the specific steps.

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Answer @blacklight447 for starters.

If you’re going all out you need to start by anonymously buying clean new devices, and setting them up via tor on a trusted network.

How doI clean up?
from setting?

I want to create a VM in QubesOS environment. As you do not know how to make, please tell in detail.Since I want to use an anonymous secret VM and KeePass exclusively for Tor browser via Tor, please teach me how to create a local secure VM that does not connect to the Internet.Also, I would like to add an application or VM as an icon to the screen like Windows, so please tell me how.

Sigh, look mate I really want to help you, but it seems like you are just throwing on a bunch of tools on top of each other without reading their documentation or having a proper threat model, this will not make you more secure, only more frustrated. PLEASE, for the love of god, read the documentation.

Qubes os: Qubes-os.org/doc
Whonix: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Documentation
Tor: https://2019.www.torproject.org/docs/documentation.html.en
Keepass: https://keepass.info/help/base/index.html

Read these docs, and read them WELL. Try to really learn about and UNDERSTAND how the tools you are usng work.

I will install Qubes OS version 4 from now, how should I set the BIOS? (Settings such as UEFI mode and Virtual)And what is the best laptop to run Qubes OS version 4? I do not have much money, so the cheaper one is better.

I am in understanding that Qubes OS currently requires legacy/BIOS boot mode and not UEFI, and I think your experience will be a lot better with virtualization enabled (some virtualization things work with it disabled, but e.g. Virtualbox requires it for 64-bit OSes).

I haven’t tried Qubes OS personally yet though.

We have UEFI support since recently, but it doesn’t always work, so legacy is the safest way to go. You Need vt-x to run the vms, no way around that. You can however run it without vt-d, but you won’t enjoy the DMA protection that the sys-net vm would give you.

Some of the tweaks to make this work is to change the virtualization mode of sys-usb and sys-net to PV (para virtualized) mode. it will be less secure then Qubes can be, but still a lot more secure then a confentional monolythic OS.

How do I set the BIOS specifically?

I just added Qubes OS and I do not know what to do. Now that sys-whonix> Annon Connection Wizard appears on the screen, keep pressing Enter, and the screen named Bootatrapping Tor appears and loading starts. But this will not last 100%. How can I complete it? And what else do you want to do?
And I want to set the icon on the home screen like Windows, how can I do it? Like the picture below. https://rabbit-punch.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/monitor_settei_main.jpg

Can you post a log of your Tor? it might be that your being blocked, you want to use a bridge in that case, the Tor project has documentation on their website on how to do that.

I saw the site but I still have questions so I do not know

Its litterly all in the documentation, if you cannot figuire out how to use a bridge with tTr browser, then you are not ready to use Qubes OS since it is above your skill level.

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