What privacy services have been sold or taken on major investors? We should find out

I think you misread our privacy policy:

"We do not have Google AdSense or any other third party tracker within our bookmark tool. We may use AdSense in the future but only on our website homepage or direct links, to aggregate data about the performance of the marketing of our website. This is something that is considered standard practice in the industry. "

That means NOT within the app, that means within the hompage or direct links to one of our landing pages. Not within an account. Still, even though that wouldn’t negate any of our claims about privacy and our app since it’s not talking about within the app, I’m gonna change that to never. Needs to be updated because we decided recently to take an even harder stance towards privacy even extending to our homepage.

As for the tracking, we do not have third-party tracking, never did. If you inspect the site using console, its easy to see that those cookies you mention are not found. Maybe you’re finding this because of the youtube embed on the homepage.

Definetly our privacy policy needs to be updated to state that we will never use thrird-party tracking on any part of our site. But we do use some google resources, like youtube embed (on the website, not the app) and google fonts.

@danarel I just want to give an update. I updated our privacy policy to state that we will never use third-party tracking tools, ever. I also made it so the youtube video doesn’t embed itself into the website until clicked which got rid of those tracking warnings on the load. I wish I didn’t have to use youtube at all but from a bandwidth standpoint, that’s our only option right now.

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Thanks for getting the focus back @strypey .

On that note…We’ve had some helpful input on questions to ask ALL privacy services, and it seems the comments have waned. I believe it’s time to come up with a suggested final list.

Would it be best for me to propose a final list at the current PrivacytoolsIO reddit thread or? Would love your input @danarel @jonah @strypey and everyone else who would like to weigh in.