What OS do you use on your phone as a daily driver?

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  • Stock OEM (normal) Android
  • Lineage OS
  • Graphene OS
  • Other Android ROM
  • IOS
  • Something else (see comments)

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im running omnirom with microg on my oneplus 6t. i also still have my onplus 3 which is running lineageos with gapps which i only use for banking

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OnePlus 6T with stock OxygenOS

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1+ for … 1+?


sony xperia with lineage os microg


Moto X4 with LineageOs and F-Droid


Stuck with stock until the S10 gets LineageOS. Feels weird being on stock after so much time on Lineage with my LG G4 then Redmi Note 5. Checking the XDA forums daily to see if there are any developments.


i did the same mistake with op6t, bought it too early and had to run OOS for a couple of months. it wasnt nice at all lol


very new to this topic overall as my years of stock smartphones ended 2years back (with a promise to never get another)… fastforward, a month ago I was gifted a “broken” nexus5 (needed battery, kinda PITA to change).

and I decided to test if I could get something resembling privacy desires enforced on a smart phone and ended up with /e/ (e.foundation) and although some controversy with it (basically it’s Lineage w/microg), it does work well and so far with F-Droid (and a couple apps from Yalp store) only using wifi for now, and am very impressed with ungoogled Android phone battery life!

(including wireguard on at all times I get a about a week of battery life, lol. but no sim card, won’t put this on cellular networks until I am satisfied and assured.

ps. wireguard :heart:

  • Lineage OS on private devices
  • Graphene OS on my work device

No gapps, f-droid for applications

PS: I tried ubports, but it’s currently not suitable as a daily driver in my opinion

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