What OS are you all using?

I’m using LMDE4 (Linux Mint Debian Edition) on my laptop and LineageOS on my Pixel 2 XL (previously was using GrapheneOS until support stopped for the Pixel 2). I also have a Raspberry Pi running Manjaro.

I’m just kind of curious what everyone else on this forum is using on their devices.

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rn on my computer my OS is: Void Linux :slight_smile:

I used Mint on my laptop before switching that over to Void as well. By 2021 OS standards - both OS’s are efficient :slight_smile:

Other OS’s i’ve tried and/or keep a USB on are:
Kali Linux
and of course Slackware :slight_smile:

I look curiously at openBSD all the time - I’ve never downloaded it hehehe. That AND Puppy Linux

oh and i dont think there is anything wrong with security-focused distros - i just dont use them other than Tails if i need :slight_smile: That and I prefer not to use OS’s with systemd (I know openSUSE and Mint use it) … just a personal preference :slight_smile:

I’m curious what everyone is using too :smiley: I know quebes is popular

Unless i REALLY love just one thing, I tend to collect OS’s lulz, along with packet sniffers and p2p apps :slight_smile: I want a “no systemd” tshirt hehe i dont really care if its like hackerbait, cuz like…can they hack me ? lolol. i even disabled the GPS in my car lul.

OP, maybe you should open a poll. I tried several Linux distros and Windows as well, but in the end, I always come back to Ubuntu. I have Manjaro, Garuda Linux and Windows 10 installed on my second PC but I rarely use them.

Android without any changes

I’m currently using Ubuntu, Zorin and Gallium. Nothing to fancy but it does the job quite nicely, plus I get to show it to others and clear the stigma that Linux is difficult to use, ugly, etc.


I’m using Ubuntu since its the one recommended for newbies on the OS section of the main site and I’m quite liking it, I’ve even removed my windows installation and I’m dedicating full time to it now. I want to try more Linux Distros but I’m satisfied with Ubuntu for now.

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Ive been using Manjaro GNOME for several months now. Ive been surprised with experiencing less breakages from each update with Manjaro compared to other Distros, even the LTS ones.

I agree. I’ve been using Manjaro for almost three years now, and it was so stable that I was bored and switched to the testing branch about a year ago, and still have not experienced any problems yet.


i might upload a pic of my desktop :slight_smile: For a window manager I’m using IceWM, and I have XFCE installed for when I have a program or service that wont load under IceWM and I don’t wanna play with settings

I think it comes with XFCE but I also installed the composite window manager thingie for translucent windows so my IceWM doesn’t look incredibly ugly lul. That and a custom theme :slight_smile:

oh and yup IceWM will run Wine and such for games or whatev :smiley: I can play games using only 1% of my CPU hehehehe

If you imagine like the hollywood cliche image of an OS on like some national security agency’s employees computer, thats sorta what my desktop looks like hehhe. I have the black consoles with tcpdump, sudo prompts, etc up with translucent windows, black desktop background, etc. hehe

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Totally agree. I’ve gradually become the person who prefers terminal applications, but if someone had shown me an OS with nothing but terminal windows, I’d probably wouldn’t have made the full switch to Linux.


Long, long ago it was Fedora Core.

Currently it’s mostly Ubuntu, Debian and Kali.

On servers I also used CentOS (I’ll switch to another clone, probably it will be Rocky, as CentOS isn’t developed anymore).

I tried quite a lot of other distros, but mostly on VMs.

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The only poll more fun than this is, “What’s your text editor of choice.” :joy:

Fedora 33 on my laptop. LineageOS 17 on my phone. LineageOS 16 on my tablet. I also have a phone with Replicant. But it only gets 3G, and the 3G coverage is super spotty around these parts.


funny this about text editors…lol;

i forget which OS it was and exactly what it was but I was on this one Linux OS, and I remember needing to edit a system text file…the OS demanded I only open it with vi (I don’t remember trying vim at the time). Some OS’s have a trend of getting a little strict and benevolent…

I ended up replacing my OS with one that does not tell the user what it can or cannot do…not desirable at all… of course I replaced it luls.

one thing i do but never really mention is look at software trends… especially the one where they look at the user like they should be controlled all the time… i look at the trend and try to extrapolate that to the future of the software.

i hope one day 30 years from now someone isn’t saying “lets put a benevolent AI into the os…systemd can manage it :D”

the world says you need to use NTP, but i personally don’t have it enabled on my OS’s and never have time sync issues :\

maybe an os sends out HTTP/HTTPS request when you’re not home hahahaha . ya, if it’s not spyware - it’s usually some kind of auto-update feature… meh.

idk, anyway i like knowing what ppl use hehe.

Kudos to you for trying it out and taking such as big step in deleting Windows. I still have Windows 7 installed in an old laptop as dual boot but haven’t used it in a couple of years now.

That laptop has seen better days and I was thinking on replacing it some time soon. I’ve been looking at some options from Tuxedo Computers for it, and while I’m at it maybe try something different for the OS too.

I’m leaning towards Fedora, Manjaro or OpenSUSE, in that order. Again, nothing too fancy because I mostly care about stability and ease of use, but I admit there are some attractive options out there like Gecko or Garuda.

By the way, here’s a quick count of the distributions we’re all currently and actively using (with some fair assumptions, correct me if I’m wrong):

  • Ubuntu 4
  • Manjaro 4
  • OpenSUSE 2
  • Void 1
  • Linux Mint Debian Edition 1
  • Zorin 1
  • Gallium 1
  • Debian 1
  • Kali 1
  • Fedora 1
  • CentOS 1
  • Elementary OS 1
  • FreeBSD 1
  • Raspberry Pi OS 1
  • AntiX Linux 1

Yeah, I primarily used Windows for work and Linux for personal. About a year ago, I realized most of the programs I need for work have native Linux support. I will admit that I do have Windows 10 set up in a virtual machine on my work account for the occasional need to run a Windows program.

Regarding a new computer, I love that you’ve been looking at business that exclusively does Linux machines. I’ve been buying used off of eBay or Craigslist, but if I have the extra money next time, I’ll probably go the route of System 76 or another company to support their business.

I try to buy used or refurbished as much as I can but I thought since I’m replacing an old laptop (2007), I can give myself a little treat this time around with something brand new :slight_smile: And yes, I support this industry which hopefully takes off and we can start having better Linux hardware support out of the box.

My first options are System76 and Purism but are more expensive. Tuxedo is not that much cheaper to be honest but they have more hardware options including laptops specifically made for OpenSUSE and Manjaro. What I don’t like so much is that they don’t seem to provide Coreboot yet but I’m sure this will come in time.

I started with fedora and ubuntu. I recently tried with debian but i messed it up, and now I use elementaryOS for its simplicity. In the future I would like to try qubes

I started with Ubuntu, but 9 years ago I switched to openSUSE. Now I use Tumbleweed as my daily OS. Though I have Windows on the 2nd drive, I need it mostly for CAD software

KDE Plasma on:

Testing: helloSystem