What Linux distro do you all use?


Obviously including Windows 10 distro :laughing:

I use Fedora - Simple to use, works out of the box, provides a vanilla DE experience, is more respecting than *buntu, is very easy to use, etc. I can’t find any reason to switch after discovering Fedora.

(blacklight447) #2

I only run Qubes OS, both on desktop and laptop.

(Esmail EL BoB) #3

in past i was using ubuntu but i saw it connecting to their servers so yeah i’m now using debian

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I used Debian for a while, but overall I prefer Fedora. My issue with Debian was - For an OS that calls itself “The Universal Operative System” - The only OS that gave my PC issues with firmware, incompatible firmware and firmware non-free drivers, not to mention it’s the only distro that might require two USB sticks to install because of non-free drivers.

I also used Debian Sid which defeats the point of Debian entirely but did fix some of my firmware issues, though not all. Overall I love the philosophy, but as a daily OS for my PC it’s not very practical. I don’t even know how the stable version will run on very modern hardware such as Ryzen new generation CPUs

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I run Debian on all my computers and love it.

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When i tried linux I was positively surprised by manjaro (probably not the best but i prefer gnome DE), supported by arch repository where you can find almost anything

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I have ran Debian sid since 2002 when windows crashed and ate my 4k mp3s.

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(core) #8

Same here. QubesOS is awesome!

(Lord Shedy) #9

I used to run Debian but I’ve switched to Pop!_OS because I wanted to try gaming on Linux and I must say so far so good. Pop!_OS feels so polished. It even feels (and behaves) better then ElementaryOS. Such distro I can imagine giving to someone without any advanced technical knowledge about Linux.

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(Sara) #10

Linux Mint. But before that I was using Arch.

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(Sifr Nihilum) #11

I started on Ubuntu, went to arch, and then figured in for a penny in for a pound right?

(Moo Extremum) #12

QubesOS, the security it provides is just awesome

(Ekrem) #13

I used about 20 distro but always end up with Ubuntu based distros because its the only distro that i could install Nvidia driver. I can install Nvidia driver on other distros but when i reboot, driver cant find the monitor. I think its a bug with my laptop.
I am using Ubuntu 19.04

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Debian Buster all the way!

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(Zachariah ) #15

Elementary and Mint. I’m also curious about Pure OS, but not sure if there’s a point to it. And Tails when it is appropriate.

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(blacklight447) #16

Pure os is basically a polished debian. Nothing more nothing less


My main distro is Ubuntu, but I’m running Arch as a VM. I’d like to install Qubes, as a matter of fact.


On x86: Qubes OS with the main app vms being Debian based. Sometimes Arch Linux.

On OpenPower and ARM: Debian


Currently I am using Debian Buster/Sid on both my laptop and main setup.

(Jose A: Leon) #20

Sometimes Linux Mint, sometimes Tails in usb pendrive, sometimes Knoppix in usb pendrive, but thinking to return to Openbsd.

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