What is your PGP setup?

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Speaking to a few people on matrix, I have found that people have very different, but very innovative setups for PGP. So, I thought, what do the other people of the privacytools forum have as a setup?

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Till very recently pgp with brew. Now gpgtools w/o the mail part. A lot easier now than terminal-only.

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I use it with Seahorse. https://www.openpgp.org/software/seahorse/


I use gpg4win as my main PGP software and testing PGP Desktop.


I’ve generated a PGP key on the Linux terminal, but that’s about it. Can you perform all of the same functions as a program like Seahorse or GPG? (I imagine you can; I just haven’t done it yet.) To be honest, I’m still learning the terminal and haven’t mastered it yet.


I didn’t like any of the GUI’s for key management, and some had limitations (ie. no 4096bit keys) so I resorted to the command line for creating and managing keys.
Other than that, mailvelope is pretty cool for webmail when I’m not using protonmail.
It’s super easy to use.


Sorry forgot the link https://www.mailvelope.com/en/

Don’t let the lame website fool you, it’s pretty neat.