What is your favorite password manager tool?

(Burung Hantu) #1

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What are your password manager setups?
(Dan) #2

I’m currently using 1Password. It works great for me.

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(v0iD) #3

Anyone try Firefox lockbox for iOS and Android yet?


Bitwarden, I still use keepass for some sensitive information, because it is kept completly offline, but for daily stuff Bitwarde’s convenience is just great.

(Lord Shedy) #5

I tried LastPass and then 1Password which I still consider as one of the best passwords manages out there when it comes to the functions but recently I switched to the BitWarden (for privacy reasons) but I am hesitant to try LessPass because I really like the idea of not having any database with passwords (even if it is encrypted).

(Esmail EL BoB) #6

i’m using bitwarden!

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I can’t trust any password manager so I wrote my own. very simple and efective one:

read -s -p "Pass Phrase: " frase
echo -n $1$frase | sha256sum | xxd -r -p | base64 | head -c 15 | xclip -l 1
echo "Password Copied to the Clipboard"

Just call it with one argument i.e. the service you are trying to create the password to.


I use 1 PW as well. It is more than just a PW manager. And especially the sharing options via Vaults for Family and Friends is great. I regularly change Passwords on services, and this way I dont have to inform them.


i use pwsafe (that one designed by schneier), very simple, i like it.

(Sifr Nihilum) #10

pass, with rofi-pass. Works like a charm, uses gpg, plenty of easy options for everything you’d need. gotta love it.

(blacklight447) #11

My vote goes to keepassxc, its opensource, supports totp, has a superb password generator, and you can choose how you want sychronyse your database(if you even want it at all.)

(Ekrem) #12

I am using Bitwarden

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I use both BitWarden and KeePass. BitWarden is good as a browser-based password manager, but at home I like to keep passwords offline with KeePass.


Keepassxc. Staying in control of your database location and how an application operates can be crucial. So no online services except for the ones I host myself.


Has to be KeepassXC. As I don’t want my password manager connecting to the internet and if I need to move to another device i’ll either use a USB/HDD or Syncthing.

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I have used KeepassXC with E2EE cloud sync (first Seafile, now Tresorit), alongside keepassxc browser extension. However, I don’t like database to be (almost) always opened, so I’m moving less important stuff to Bitwarden (forums and MOOC logins, services I barely use, etc), and keeping KeepassXC for important ones, that I rarely need to login via web browser (mail, cloud, finance…)

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KeepassXC only. I don’t sync the database anywhere, only used on the one computer.


*Bitwarden and moving to self-host sync/server with an end of month goal. BW does everything I want&need besides a physical card/key/fob) which leads to-

*OnlyKey for 12 accounts on the go (or 24 without plausible deniability)

(Dan Arel) #19

Bitwarden. I have tested a ton of them and honestly this is my favorite.

(S4 Cure) #20

Bitwarden. LastPass can take its password manager and shove it up their a**

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