What is your favorite online storage?

Personally i use my free space of mailbox.org with cryptomator, for sync my password database.

anything else is inside my local raid1

Well generally it doesn’t matter a lot for me, i only upload stuff in a Veracrypt container myself, so i don’t have to trust my cloud provider. another more usable option could be using a program like Cryptomator.

What kind of online storage? From the FOSS ones I prefer, I mix up Syncthing for some private documents and for public IPFS.

For some examples on what I have there, my website has IPFS.csv with a list and issue on some more I should advertise on a separate page. I especially like how I don’t have to store binary files on Git and if my chosen gateway would go down, it’s one (or three) line(s) to change in _config.yml.

I hear that Tahoe LAFS would also be good for storing private files and if I just had to share a private file, I would probably try OnionShare (onion) with Lufi (Disroot example) as worth mentioning.

good drive with encrypted files

I use onedrive and cloudmounter to encrypt the data.

But I also have created a "fog"storage with some friends.
We have a local machine at each home which encrypts the data of a network share and sends it to the others, so we all have redundant offsite backups.

When it comes to features Nextcloud and Seafile are great. Too bad theit E2EE is not so good. Therefore, I choose to use Tresorit, even though it’s closed source program

I’m genuinely curious. What have you heard about nextcloud’s e2ee? How are you able to verify Tresorit’s?

EDIT: I now use Nextcloud w/ e2ee.

I only take in consideration to encrypt my files before uploading them to some cloud.

For file syncing I use Resilio Sync. I don’t use any cloud storage, everything is stored on at least one of my own devices (typically my NAS). Cloud storage doesn’t seem super necessary.

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I like to have one additional backup in case of emergency (lost phone, robbed apartment, natural disaster, etc…).

I had issues with Nextcloud with E2EE enabled. It just didn’t work on PC. And I couldn’t login from mobile app. I remember there was some workaround for that, but I don’t want any workarounds :slight_smile: Maybe it’ll be better with new client app versions

That’s a pain. Thanks, I thought you knew of some weakness in the encryption :slight_smile:

I have most of the stuff on my NAS, but there still are things that are in this funny Spot:
To important to not have access to, but for some reason (most of the time size) not important enough to keep them permanently on my device and just use syncthing (which I use as well)

An other point with NAS is, they might be a security risk in your home network as well, and they are expensive. I have an EMC 6 bay NAS and I don’t recommend that to anyone who just wants a regular backup

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This is the main reason I use Resilio over Syncthing: Selective Sync. I can have everything stored on my NAS, share the folders with my other devices, and have fine-grained control over what actually ends up on them.

I stand up an internal NextCloud server that’s only accessible from a VPN connection. That is pretty much what I do for a living. Mailbox plus Cryptomator is completely fine depending on your security stance. If you are hiding all of NSA’s secrets, then I would never stick put my data on a cloud storage. If you are putting encrypted password databases up there, you should be fine.

Any alternative for Google photos?
To be honest I really like that pics can be easily shared with friends or family. I can search by keywords like dog, car etc so I can easily find old pictures.
But after all those privacy concerns I would really like to switch to another provider.

I generally don’t store anything of importance on clouds. If I do I use veracrypt and any cloud service.

Yep, Cryptee… Note that new pricing structures are coming soon per the developer

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gSuite business account + rclone w/ crypt. unlimited storage is great, but the inability to upload due to Google’s rate limiting is infuriating as all hell.

I used Tresorit for a while and liked the idea (and it worked well), but never adapted it as it was limited to 2TB.

I supposed a ~few bare metal servers @ hetzner w/private ipfs will be what I end up doing eventually.

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Thanks for the gsuite idea. What do you mean exactly under the term “rate limit”?

Wow that’s pretty good till I checked the price :frowning:
For photos I use around 85GB on Google photos. Here it would cost me 27$/month, damn expensive, although the service really could substitute Google.