What is your favorite email provider?

Mine is definitely Tutanota. Fast, reliable, fully encrypted and cheap.
Although sometimes I miss the ecosystem Google can provide with all those comfortable services.


Protonmail is solid! Highly recommend!

Tutanota. (I’m a light user, though.) Paired with 33mail and Spamex, for disposable addresses (the latter is antiquated by modern standards, by still suits me fine).

Plus Gmail and my own ISP.

Tutanota is more private than the competition, the free plan is generous, the paid-for plans offer very good value, and I like the mindset. Small team, moves fast, listens to users.

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i seem to recall a negative mention about a large (and recent) investor of proton being an american company which might not have the users best interest. correct me if i’m wrong though

What an extraordinarily perverted statement.


Been with Tutanota for more than a year now and haven’t had any issues whatsoever. I pay the 12 euro fee for the year, with another 12 euro a year for more aliases, and I have to say it’s a small price to pay for ease of mind.

Cotse (although US based). Hands down the most flexible and feature rich email service I’ve relied on (found Cotse when becoming leery of ISP serving my email needs, Earthlink circa year 2000ish.

Startmail, because I wanted something not based in the US but I am not very impressed with it and was consider to give Tutanota a run instead of renew. I’ll still prefer to use startpage search though :slight_smile:

Currently using Fastmail.

I create an alias for every service that I use with Fastmail, my main Fastmail isn’t used at all. I also don’t use email for anything other than creating accounts (and spam from those companies lol). So E2EE doesn’t seem to make sense to me in that use case.

For the price (in CAD) I haven’t seen any service that offers unlimited alias like Fastmail does.

I wasn’t aware they had that feature, not to be a shill but will mention cotse has that, with 26 alt domains to use as desired, with (anything)@username.otherdomain.net/com as well time/date setting for disposables and at $50usd for 14 months I get my bang for buck out of it.

ditto this too, besides couple f&f still tied to email, it’s all digests I want to read or accounts setup anywhere else for stuff (and love learning who sold my chit or was compromised, easy to cull from ever use again.

Used Runbox (ugly), Fastmail (5 eyes), Protonmail (expensive), Posteo (slow webmail, no own domain), Tutanota (no imap) … but like Mailbox.org the most. You get a lot for €12/yr.

Email server security list: https://dismail.de/serverlist.html

edit: an ultra tiny typo :blush:

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Fastmail is based in Australia which has recently just banned encryption so…


From what I can see on the website, it doesn’t look like mail will be encrypted at rest in a no-knowledge way.

Soverin is worth a look. I don’t think they’re as feature-rich as FastMail, but they do allow unlimited aliases.

I like protonmail for the most part.

Their website sexy asf lol

ProtonMail updated the Android app: ProtonMail Android v1.11 release notes - ProtonMail Blog


sometimes, we can’t pay in safe way so we need to choice free email to keep safe, but protonmail’s free plan don’t allow to use imap that we can;t use it in Thunderbird or other client, and it will have a ad for protonmail in the letter last passage, so I think tutanota is better

Mailbox.org cost €12.58/yr. They include the paypal charges, whereas compared to Posteo, tutanota it is €12/yr.

Any suggestion for the email provider : dismail.de ?

I don’t trust Tutanota, because it’s Germany based

Proudly Engineered in Germany
Our entire team is based in Hanover, Germany. All your free encrypted emails are stored on our own servers in highly secured data centers in Germany. With its strict data protection laws and the GDPR, Germany has some of the best laws in the world to protect your right to privacy. The German constitution stresses the importance of freedom of expression and of the human right to privacy.

Germany is well known for their censorship. Germany is well known to violate opposition politician rights.

I don’t know how privacy law between Germany and Switzerland differs, but Free-Speech is a huge issue in Germany.

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