What is your favorite email provider?

I use my personal domain so the options are more limited.
My choice was between mailbox and mailfence but in the end I preferred mailbox and i’m happy with them.

My first choice would be tutanota, but they don’t offer dkim and don’t have the option for import emails (i think that is in roadmap for desktop client).


well as the hated one said “do not add all eggs in same basket” so i’m using protonmail, tutanota & mail fenece at same time (& gmail for spam websites)

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Currently trying to decide this question for myself, I prefer Tutanota over Protonmail for a free email. As for a paid email it comes down to Mailbox and Posteo. Posteo looks outdated compared to Mailbox, however I heard that Posteo is more secure than Mailbox. Anyone have any insights on these?

I am too using multiple email providers myself, but if asked what providers someone should switch to, I recommend mailbox.org.
It is simple and has a ton of features.

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Tried protonmail and mailbox and stuck with the latter since I can have two domains, calendar, contacts, all for just 1 euros a month. I still have two years of protonmail plus.

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Protonmail, although it sucks that I can’t at the time of writing connect it to Evolution.

personally with all the opinions I’ve read (true or false), protonmail does not give me a sense of true privacy provider, but probably i’m in wrong.

Posteo or Tutanota for sure.

I would just like to note that ProtonMail themselves do not recommend their service if you wish whistleblower level of privacy. I think of them as a privacy provider for a common folk.


I like mailfence, mailbox and tutanota, mailbox has a good UI, but a little slow.

I prefer to use Protonmail, because I like the Swiss privacy laws that exist there. The service also offers nice abilities and services. They also offer good deals like the Protonmail Premium and ProtonVPN bundle.

I’m with the protonmail crew.
I realize it has issues, but they seem to be at least trying to work for peoples privacy. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Also, it’s really really easy and useful…

I would see this as a good thing, this is because email providers can only give you so much security, it is because email is limited. claiming like your an NSA proof email provider is just flat out lying.


Both have pro’s and con’s, for me:

Reasons to use Protonmail: strong swiss privacy laws and .onion address (sadly a v2 instead of v3 address tho.

Reasons to use Tutanota: open source client software, the app of which is downloadable from the F-droid store.

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I personally use Tutanota, I like their approach to open source software.

But since it has been mentioned here a few times, can somebody tell me what the famous Swiss privacy laws are? They are mentioned often, but all I know is the mass surveillance and data retention law they passed recently. Which is the opposite of what I would call strong privacy laws.

I primarily use ProtonMail but now Purism just announced their own email service, I might give that a try.

Edit: I am mainly using Posteo now because I want to try something else.

From what I know: cooperation can only happen with a swiss high court order. And they also fall outside of EU and US jurisdiction.

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Like some of the others here, I have more than one favorite. Protonmail is one of the primary ones I use, and I’ve just recently started using RiseUp. It would be helpful to know all of the differences between the email providers with a side-by-side comparison.

Prior to this, I used SIGAINT, but as I understand it, they shut themselves down because their servers were under attack.

Hopefully ProtonMail will eventually have a v3 address as well.


I find their v2 unbelievably slow, often takes 10mins or more to log in. :roll_eyes:

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