What is your daily search engine?

Why not just say “look it up” or “search for it”?

For anyone else interested in an alternative to these main sites, check out https://infinitysearch.ai/. It is another search engine that doesn’t track its users and has a newer design and feel to it compared to the current search engines. Obviously we are promoting our own product here but go and take a look for yourself if you’re interested in something new.

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Any plans on going open source?

Yes, we are currently planning on gradually making the service open source.

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Nice, good to hear!

I still use Startpage, despite the fact they our now owned by not so privacy friendly company. Tried Qwant, but results are not so good. DDG is also fine for me

I use StartPage, Qwant and DuckDuckGo through SearX, but most of the time I see that only DuckDuckGo works.

Half year ago DDG.

Big fan of startpage, but moved to qwant after all the fuss. Discovered qwant sucks and now using ddg. Not as good as startpage, but better than qwant, but I can’t seem to be able to add it to Bromite. Any suggestions? I visited searx.me a lot but it still isn’t visible in the ‘visited earlier’ selection menu.

Edit: searx seems to be favoring ddg, even though I have other search engines selected. Is there an advantage to using ddg over search?