What is your daily search engine?

lol (same response here! parenting our parents, oh the fun)

@crossroads family.starpage.com is what you seek. see: https://support.startpage.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1172

then to sort how to redirect maybe hosts will still work for this (especially since they haven’t sorted hosts out yet!)… I do see 3 IPv4 addresses for startpage.com and 3 different ones for family.startpage.com so it “should” work with hosts.
another option may be some sort of small/simple server, or perhaps (in the name of security and privacy) set them up using dnscrypt-proxy w/DoH and even have reasonable sounding excuse/effect of startpage proxy appears to not “chain” well with other proxies? idk, interested to see what you come up with though!

(and still chuckling about it)

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DuckDuckGo, but i really wish they would rename it.

When having a verbal conversation, I cant’ say “you should duckduckgo it” it sounds stupid.

Don’t they already own duck.(io?) , i mean I could probably get away with saying, “you should duck it”.

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Startpage and google. I try to use startpage when possible but as a developer I find it hard to get the same fast and consistent results when searching

https://searx.prvcy.eu/, a version of SearX.

It depends. But 99% of my searches are through DuckDuckGo. It just works. And it probably doesn’t track me as much as Google does, so I’m fine with it.

I used to use DDG. But this Discussion led me into trying qwant again.

and I think “you should qwant this” has a much better ring to it.

DuckDuckGo uses Amazon AWS so it can sometimes be a hair faster. But that’s also a reason to use Startpage .com – especially for sensitive searches. You can choose EU only or US only servers.

Great testament to how Startpage .com can dodge blocks. For many people this is a blessing.

I tried to include a link to an article about an activist in Venezuela who uses Anonymous View to get around blocks and view news privately, but this forum doesn’t allow links. Why not?

it does, but may be tied to user ‘trust’ level, saying that after a couple posts or so it is permitted (probably good deterrent against spammers doing massive link dumps on forums)

Thanks! Good to know. I’ll check back in a few days when I should be a more trustworthy person. :wink:

I recall that you work for startpage, in that case, are there any plans to make start page aviable via .onion? You can even make it a fancy one hop service which still gives the user all security and privacy goodies, while giving you better perfomance. My opinion is that having a fast v3 .onion address would be a major reason to switch to startpage.

Thanks for the input. It helps when users write to Startpage with ideas and requests. An email request is like a “vote” because it helps management gauge interest. (I pass along ideas, but they are better documented when users make the request directly.) Here’s the email address: Support@Startpage.com